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PowerArchiver 11.00 RC1

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PowerArchiver 11.00 RC1  غير المفتاح

Version 11.00 RC1 [September/2008]
Major new features and PRO version introduction

* More detailed logs in backup for burner and other parts of backup.
* Implemented transparent updating for 7-Zip solid backups.
* Mounting ISO's through shell now shown in tray balloon.
* Parts of Burner rewritten for faster performance.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Bug #828: Encrypt to tar in shell gives 2 files.
* Fixed Bug #823: Backup MRU not saved when used from shell.
* Fixed Bug #829: Disc erase does not work in ISO burner.
* Fixed Bug #815: Creating ISO files does not work.
* Fixed Bug #826: Compress & Burn leaves temp files.
* Fixed Bug #817: updating burned archives on media.
* Fixed Bug #760: Sftp does not work on some servers.
* Fixed Bug #789: Compressing via queue different results.
* Fixed Bug #784: Interface selection/focus issues.
* Fixed Bug #787: Burner sometimes not auto selected.
* Fixed Bug #800: PA hangs when encrypting via shell.
* Fixed Bug #799: Reset to defaults does not reset window sizes.
* Fixed Bug #793: CRC error for bad password in RAR files.
* Fixed Bug #783: PA does not exit when updating via web update.
* Fixed Bug #796: 120dpi issues in backup scheduling.
* Fixed Bug #782: Adding folders via drag and drop in burner doesn't work.
* Fixed Bug #807: Tar.BZ2 creation in shell gives out error.
* Fixed Bug #803: Canceling backup removes backup file.
* Fixed Bug #775: Importing sessions does not work properly.
* Fixed Bug #668: Advanced Options in scheduling do not work first time.

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