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PowerArchiver 13.01

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PowerArchiver 13.01  غير المفتاح

  • Improved RAR engine – Increased speed of RAR engine by 15% on average.
  • PASTARTER Windows 8 compatibility – PASTARTER (Queue) now works under Windows 8.
  • Better look for Windows Classic theme – We improved the look of some windows if Windows classic theme is running. They look slightly different now depending on OS you have installed.
  • Improved Test Archives Tool – Better detection of broken archives.
  • Added option to not install Patchbeam for Enterprise users – Added option to not install Patchbeam for Enterprise users.
  • Improved Simple mode – Simple mode now shows FTP/Burner tabs.
  • Added SFX creation support in shell – Added support for creating SFX’s via Windows shell.
  • Various other improvements – Over 25 fixes/improvement since 13.00.26 release!

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