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Rainlendar 2.10 Beta 113

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Rainlendar 2.10 Beta 113  غير المفتاح

# Changes:
* Setting certain import limits for the Google calendar caused an error.
* Task in the month view showed incorrect time.
* Fixed possible crash bug in the Google Calendar on error situations.
* If saving the settings to disk fails it is tried again after a small delay.
* Added an advanced setting which defines how many previous locations are remembered.
* The title of the event/task is shown in the error message if uploading to Google calendar fails.
* Uploading yearly recurring event with exception dates to Google calendar failed.
* Added Dismiss all and Snooze all menu items to the alarm's context menu.
* Added slim versions of the today image for the Shadow3 skin. The today image is now drawn under the event icons.
* Added advanced option to define the double click action in the calendar (show menu or create event).
* Multiline text was not drawn correctly if the vertical align was set to center or bottom.
* Schedule was drawn incorrectly if the time period was set to something else than 60 mins and the first shown hour was defined.
* Disabled image buttons are shown better in Windows 7.
* Added possibility to choose the folder of the Toodledo tasks.

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