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Rainlendar 2.11 Beta 125

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Rainlendar 2.11 Beta 125  غير المفتاح

# Changes:
* The images in the about dialog didn't work if the program path contained foreign characters.
* Improved the error handling in the Toodledo plugin.
* Added manager list icons for task status and priority.
* It's possible to use special filters (e.g. "category:important") in the manager's search field.
* Clicking the category, status or priority in the manager will automatically set the filter for it.
* Delete key in the manager deleted the selected events also when the focus was not in the list.
* The tooltip in the manager showed content from the incorrect row.
* Improved the performance when there are a lot of events visible in the calendar.
* Manager didn't check the end date for the recurring events and tasks.
* The application was not closed down properly on Mac.
* Size of the new calendar wizard depends on the font size.
* Setting recurring task completed did not always set the alarm and completed date correctly.
* Improved the CalDAV support. It should now work with Yahoo!, iCloud and Baikal.

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