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RoboForm 7.2.6

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RoboForm 7.2.6  غير المفتاح

  • Chrome: fix more crashes caused by re-enterability.
  • Firefox: let browser catch crashes when RoboForm is not on the stack.
  • Opera: add native RoboForm extension for Opera, installed by RF installer.
  • Opera: fix RoboForm extension was not installed properly into paths with non-latin chars.
  • Win32: fix freeze in iTunes when Basic Auth window comes up.
  • Win32: add Windows Applications tab to options, used to exclude apps from RF integration.
  • Win32: add flag to installer that allows to turn off RF in Windows applications.
  • Win32: fix Outlook integration.
  • Win32: fix selecting second passcard cannot be done when in Skype.
  • Fix bugs when passcard is saved over existing bookmark and vice versa.
  • Save Forms: test new file name correctness.
  • Save Forms: Fix forced save does not work web page without password fields.
  • Save Forms: show Save Forms dialog on Alt+Click, not AutoSave toolbar.
  • Identity Editor: add vertical scroll bar and world wrap for multiline fields.
  • SafeNote Editor: fix when safenote is more then 64K then it is trimmed.
  • Sync Setup: fix sometime request of Master Password appears without edit box.
  • Watcher: fix crashes and asserts.
  • Fix Tools->Search Files->Clear History does not work.
  • 2Go: fix Everywhere + 2Go not properly indicated in Help -> About.
  • Add welcome popup for new users, as in ver 6.
  • Add import from 1Password.
  • UI: improve Chinese translation.
  • Identity form fill: add Jamaica country.

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