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RoboForm 7.6.0

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RoboForm 7.6.0  غير المفتاح

  • Chrome: fix dropdown menus of web page may appear behind the browser window.
  • Chrome: fix sometimes first login on a passcard in a window fails.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix RF autoupdate not working.
  • Firefox: fix crash in JS shutdown function.
  • Firefox: fix crashes when RF2Go detaches from Firefox.
  • Firefox + Rf2Go: fix handling of Basic Authentication.
  • Firefox: fix mini-dialogs are positioned incorrectly when browser window is not active.
  • Firefox: implement Search History dropdown, selection search.
  • Firefox: fix protected passcards are not shown in AutoFill dialog until MP is entered.
  • Firefox, Chrome: several form filling fixes.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix FillForms does not work for Identity with World Region not set.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix Passcards not saving radio button values.
  • Internet Explorer: issue warning about presence of McAfee Site Advisor that crashes IE.
  • Sync: fix no initial sync when Master Password is stored in SPS.
  • Editor: fix texts in Editor are not updated after RF Language has been changed.
  • Fix bugs in Password Generator related to positioning.

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