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RoboForm 7.2.7

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RoboForm 7.2.7  غير المفتاح

  • Chrome: fix runtime error R6034, cause by lack of manifest.
  • Chrome/Opera: fix missing NSPR4.DLL error.
  • Opera: fix detection when Opera is installed for a single user.
  • Sync: implement transactional Analyze + Sync.
  • Sync: come forward when conflicts or errors are detected.
  • Sync: add WinInet option for Sync settings, for complex proxies.
  • Sync: add to Sync menu: Delete Recycle Bin, Remove Locks, Delete State.
  • Sync: add turning Sync On/Off from Sync menu. Changes Desktop/Everywhere license too.
  • Win32: fix crashes related to looking into windows via Accessibility API.
  • RoboForm2Go: new splash screen design, new icons.
  • New Master Password request dialog.
  • Fingerprints: detect UPEK device from IE in Protected mode.
  • Fingerprints: fix device detection.
  • AutoFill: fix passcards order in AutoFill window depends on field values.
  • Form filling: increased phones length for Haiti and Morocco.

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