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Trillian 0.60

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Trillian 0.60  غير المفتاح

  • Tons of miscellaneous bug fixes and feature additions
  • Reduced resources needed for windows
  • Fixed resource leak during window attach/detach/removal
  • added AIM
  • added ICQ
  • added MSN
  • fixed a strange bug with case 333; a strange IRC daemon was sending the last two arguments as a single argument (:Arg Arg) instead of (Arg Arg), so i was crashing. ??
  • added Country field to servernames.
  • re-vamped the connection manager to display in a tree format, with countries and pretty icons.
  • connection manager highlights the last server you've connected to.
  • added perform checkbox & editbox to GUI.
  • added /LIST Dalnet-style. tons of new filtering options & /list stoppage ability on DALnet servers.
  • /LIST window can now save to filenames, and read from them & re-apply filter settings locally.
  • fixed a bug that wasn't allowing you to join local rooms (&).
  • describe ban types in preferences
  • added /list help window
  • remove /list filenames from combo box & delete file
  • remove common /finger entries.
  • added ignore list to GUI + saving to prefs.
  • ignore list "add" window & remove button
  • cleaned up the add/edit boxes of the connection manager a bit.
  • added getBuildDate();
  • fixed finger window buffering to add \r\n
  • flood control doesn't trigger when data comes from your nickname. (?)
  • fixed a bug with /away not returning you back to "here" status.
  • fixed DCC crash on exit bug
  • added prefs to AIM/ICQ engine.
  • threaded the /list file read.
  • fixed bug, try next server doesnt work on first attempt if LAST_SERVER var differs from attempt.
  • add local IP address to preferences.
  • added "connect" & "server" options to fetch a users IP address.
  • added profile to prefs.
  • changed char buffers to unsigned char buffers for DCCs. stupid, stupid, stupid. i must have been on crack when i wrote that code.
  • join /list while filtering files
  • fixed a few bugs in the connection manager that popped up after i added country combo boxes to the add/edit menus.
  • user defined servers go into lists.ini, enabling us to use servers.ini as a static type list that can be replaced at any time.
  • properly parse randoms in mIRC servers.ini format.
  • socks 4/5 gui
  • fixed up the SOCKS crap and cleaned up io_watch() a bit.
  • quit memory cleanup & closeMainThread for aim DLL.
  • global pref pages
  • added 'profiles' to AIM/ICQ engine. this way, prefs are stored on a per username basis, ala winAIM.
  • IRC: added 'open empty console' pref. console is not opened automatically upon opening trillian, but this is an option if you desire it. auto-connects to a server will also trigger this functionality.
  • ALL: connection wizard
  • ALL: added buddy list GUI support.
  • IRC: added importing of mIRC buddy lists.
  • IRC: nicklist right click.
  • Added Buddy Wizard
  • redid buddy list
  • added buffer saving
  • added window prefs
  • The way config files are stored has changed a little bit.
  • Trillian and connection wizard are centered upon first use.
  • Add autosetup so that the new component system will search and find the correct components.
  • Redid the list control. Now supports better icon support, more depth, smooth scrolling and mousewheel.
  • Drawar is now open by default on first use.
  • Added GUI enhancements and functionality to install program.
  • did TONS of skinning support and enhancements. Docs are coming!
  • Added new loading image
  • made the normal moving cursor an arrow
  • fixed Control key sticking
  • totally redid how components are loaded within trillian
  • dcc chat/echat remembering of nicks
  • dcc recent list no longer allows repeats
  • Fixed scrollbar misalign with remove all inactive and an active dcc going
  • fixed %'s not showing up in dcc chats
  • connection manager pop up on start with pref "Show @ Startup"
  • Files must now exist in order to send
  • clicking on dcc manager in windows taskbar makes it pop up
  • Fixed buddy list pref bombing on mask add without buddy
  • Added group editing in buddy list prefs
  • Changed name of Tools->Connection Manager to Tools->DCC Manager
  • New icons added
  • Always on top propogates to all windows
  • save dcc manager positions
  • save window positions/sizes for channels/queries based on global name
  • Fixed animated logo bug within prefs
  • Fixed min/max bug

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