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ACDSee 15.0.169

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ACDSee 15.0.169  غير المفتاح

# New Features
* Edit Brush
* Hierarchical Keywords
* New Noise Reduction
* Clarity – Mid-tone contrast adjustment
* Smart Blur – Added to Edit mode Blur filter
* Red Eye – improved
# Enhancements
* Color Management
- Basic color management added – images not in sRGB will be correctly displayed on your monitor
* Metadata Improvements
- Lens model information supported added for select manufacturers
- Lens model added to Auto Categories
- Detailed White Balance information can now be found in the EXIF section of the property panel
- Flash Bias information can now be found in the EXIF section of the Properties panel
- Added support for Sony and Panasonic maker notes
* Blu-ray disc support added to the Burn Basket
* Increased width of various controls in Edit mode to amplify usability (adjustment sliders and curve control)
* Can now set rating and color label from status bar in View and Edit modes
* Improved video playback supporting HD formats*
* Added Expand All and Collapse All commands to the context menu of both the Category and Keyword trees
# Fixes
* Fixed an issue that prevented database backup names from being longer than 16 characters
* Fixed an issue that would not allow the preservation of Unicode file names when burning to optical media
* Fixed an issue that would not allow use of the space bar to pan an image when zoomed in while in the Edit mode Sharpen filter
* Fixed an issue that caused video files to not be correctly detected during Import when camera connected directly to computer
# Trimmed Functionality
* In the database backup wizard, the ability to backup database and files to optical media has been removed
* Removed ability to burn a slideshow to optical media at end of Create Slideshow wizard
* Removed HighMAT, MPV and HTML Slideshow options from burn basket
* Removed Create Video or VCD wizard
* Removed Publish to TiVo
* Removed Device Detector

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