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ACDSee 2.40

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ACDSee 2.40  غير المفتاح

  • + Enhanced printing options, including contact sheet support and print preview.
  • + Added support for EMF, SGI, Alias PIX, and Kodak KDC image formats.
  • + Added support for TIFF images with 12-bit samples.
  • + Added convert to TGA and convert to TIFF support.
  • + Added lossless JPEG rotation.
  • + Changed path box to a drop down list of recently accessed folders.
  • + Added Cache Maintenance function
  • + Added option to play WAV sound files
  • + Added "Sync to folder" command in viewer.
  • + Added "Paste here" command to items in Folder Tree and Favorites List.
  • + Added "New sub-folder" command to items in Folder Tree.
  • + Added option to show file sizes in KB.
  • + Added "Automatically save window pos." Option.
  • + Current cursor coordinates / selection dimensions are shown in status bar when <Shift> key is pressed.
  • + Added commands to change the magnification of the images displayed in the Move/Copy Replace dialog box.
  • + Displays #pages in a multi-page image in detail file list view mode.
  • + Added "Defragment cache" command.
  • + Added options to show file size and image dimensions together with thumbnails in thumbnail mode.
  • + Added /p! command-line option to print without print setup and printer selection dialog boxes popping up.
  • + Added /ss and seq:<seq-mode> command-line options.
  • + Added /fullscreen command-line option.
  • + Added Max. PhotoCD resolution setting.
  • + Added support for 64 BASE Photo CD resolution.
  • + Modified RenameSeries to support '*' character and escape '\' characters.
  • + Added Change timestamp command.
  • + Added "Print all..." command to view mode.
  • + Added option to always confirm deletion of folders.
  • + Added drag support to view mode (drag with right mouse button).
  • o Significantly faster decode-and-display
  • o Added support for multiple monitors under Win98/Windows 2000
  • o Worked around annoying pause when deleting files with IE4/Desktop Update installed.
  • o Improved thumbnail quality for B&W bicolor images
  • o Improved progress indicator for animated GIF decoding.
  • o Changed setup to create shortcut icons in a "ACD Systems" folder. New shortcut icons for Help file and Uninstall. Created shortcut icon folder(s) shown in Explorer window after installation completes.
  • o Modified preview command (and auto-preview) to read the header of an unchecked file to see if it is an image.
  • o Added "expand all" key <NumPad *> to folder tree.
  • o Changed file list info tips to multi-line format and added file description.
  • o Modified random slide show to re-randomize on wrap-around.
  • o Enhanced toolbars with "Flat" style and background image.
  • o When copying files to the clipboard, the full path names are also copied in text format.
  • o Enhanced Move/Copy progress dialog with indication source & destination folders, and individual file progress (WinNT only).
  • o Non-read-only commands (rename, etc.) are disabled based on root of current path rather than current path.
  • o Disable labels editing for items in folder tree that cannot be renamed
  • o Single-clicking on the current folder in the folder tree causes a quick-refresh of the file list
  • o Added "Create new shortcut" command to context menu of Favorites list.
  • o Modified GIF decoder to properly support "87a" animated GIFs.
  • o Links to folders are now followed in Slideshow Recursive and Find Images commands.
  • o Converted "Look in" box in "Find Images" command to a drop down list
  • o Dragging a file from the desktop will now move it by default when you drag to a folder on the system [C] drive.
  • o Improved display of CMYK images
  • o Added support for 16 BPS PSD
  • o Now reads WMF files with missing Aldus headers
  • o Can view partial "Find Images" results after prematurely stopping the find operation.
  • !! Fixed problem whereby entering small icon view mode from thumbnail mode caused the icons to be incorrectly arranged.
  • !! Fixed problem where the dimensions of some JPEG files with embedded thumbnails were not extracted correctly
  • !! Fixed access error deleting current folder in folder tree.
  • !! Fixed problem when if ACDSee was started in view mode, then maximized, then an image was opened, the window would be hidden.
  • !! Fixed bug where new files were not correctly placed at the bottom/top of the file list during an quick or auto-refresh event in thumbnail/icon/small icon mode.
  • !! Fixed bug where images dropped on ACDSee's browser window Were not viewed correctly ("Cannot access file" error).
  • !! Fixed problem on some systems where, when the "Auto-refresh" option was disabled, the file list was not automatically refreshed after moving files to and Explorer window.
  • !! In Find Images function, fixed pattern matching for filename to not assume substring matching when an extension is provided in the filename.
  • !! Fixed problem where read-ahead image was not resampled on decode when zoom lock was on with zoom < 100%.
  • !! No error message was given if "view all images in folder" is enabled and no argument file specified in the command-line was found.
  • !! Fixed bug causing thumbnail cache collisions between different volumes on a removable drive.
  • !! Fixed bug MCComparing two images with different colormaps on 256 color systems.
  • !! Fixed problem reading PCX images with explicit 16-color palettes where paletteType==0.
  • !! Fixed display of some PNG images.
  • !! Fixed problem where view window appears after turning Viewer | Show menu option from browse mode.
  • !! Fixed problem creating shortcuts in Favorites list when ACDSee is installed in a path that contains a period.
  • !! Fixed Rename Series to work with extended characters.
  • !! Fixed problem auto-updating file list when "auto column width" is turned on.
  • !! File size is now written correctly in BMP file headers.
  • !! Fixed bug where changing state of "use system icons" option would turn off image header reading.
  • !! Fixed bug where icons where not displayed for images whose headers had not been scanned when "use system icons" option was turned off.
  • !! Fixed slowdown reading network file system folders.
  • !! Fixed problem deleting/moving/renaming PCD files.
  • !! Fixed hanging problem when loading thumbnails for some truncated progressive JPEG images.
  • !! Shortcut arrows now shown over shortcut icons on WinNT/IE4.0 systems
  • !! Shortcut arrows now correctly shown over thumbnails.
  • !! Support for file and drive sizes over 4GB
  • !! Fixed Move to/Copy to function to correctly create target paths with UNC names

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