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ACDSee 4.02

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ACDSee 4.02  غير المفتاح

  • The database now requires significantly less memory and is more reliable.
  • Improved stability during database maintenance.
  • Smoother image resizing and scrolling.
  • EXIF metadata in TIFF files can now be edited.
  • Embedding thumbnails into EXIF metadata in JPEG files is now supported.
  • Support for .crw files created by Canon S30 and S40 cameras.
  • E-mail plug-in now sets the last sending account as the default for convenience; accounts in the Cc: field are no longer duplicated in subsequent e-mails; proper subject lines are shown in Outlook™.
  • Database information that is entered while using PhotoSee is preserved when transferring files from PhotoSee to ACDSee.
  • The decoding of PSD files is now the same as in version 3.1.
  • LuraWave® and LuraDocument® file-format plug-in trials are no longer included.

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