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ACDSee 3.0

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ACDSee 3.0  غير المفتاح

  • + Photo Enhancer
  • + New browse window interface featuring floating/dockable resizable control panes
  • + SendPix
  • + Thumbnails generator
  • + HTML Thumbnails generator
  • + Lossless horizontal and vertical flipping of JPEG images
  • + Support for image decoding plug-ins
  • + Support for image encoding plug-ins
  • + Support for archive extraction plug-ins
  • + Support for digital camera plug-ins
  • + Support for command extension plug-ins
  • + Read support for ANI, AVI, CUR, FPX, ICO, MPG, PBM, PGM, PCT, PPM, RAS, XBM, XPM image formats
  • + Read support for document thumbnails inside EPS files
  • + Plays multimedia files in preview area (AVI, MID, MOV, MP3, MPG, WAV)
  • + Write support for GIF and PNG formats
  • + Susie image plug-in support
  • + Support for Kodak DC40/50/120/220/240/260/265, HP C20 and Olympus D-600L digital cameras
  • + "Camera | Take pictures" command allows you to have ACDSee take pictures with your digital camera at regular intervals, optionally transferring the images to your computer.
  • + TWAIN Acquire allows images to be transferred from any scanner, digital camera, or other device that supports the TWAIN interface
  • + Transparent browsing, viewing, searching, slide show, etc. inside of ZIP and LZH archive files -- supports subfolders and nested archives, too!
  • + Change the color of the view window background and/or specify a background image
  • + High-quality reduction of images gives superior-quality thumbnails
  • + Properties dialog displays image info, database info, and image metadata tags.
  • + Displays Exif and other image metadata for the currently selected image in a special Info pane
  • + Enhanced find function allows searching on additional criteria and displays results in browser’s file list
  • + All-new integrated image information thumbnail cache database with greater speed
  • + Forward/back folder history buttons
  • + Reduced startup time
  • o Thumbnail size can now be specified in pixels
  • o Cleaner interface allows independent quantization/dithering settings for view, preview and thumbnail modes
  • o Improved setup software provides cleaner installation and removal of the software
  • o Removed “Display | Use device-dependent bitmaps” option
  • o Removed option to cache image dimensions in descript.ion
  • o Images with non-standard extensions are not recognized unless the corresponding plug-in is already loaded.
  • o Added option to stretch smaller images/cached thumbnails to fit current thumbnail size
  • !! Fixed drop targeting to correctly accept files from external applications

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