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MediaMonkey Beta

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MediaMonkey Beta  غير المفتاح

4244 Added Norwegian translation
4236 Added Italian translation
4237 Added Japanese translation
4233 Fixed 'Blues' Genre disappears during upgrade
4230 Fixed editing tracks in Album Artist node can cause an error
4238 Fixed application shifts when maximizing at low screen resolutions
4253 Fixed Track browser can cause sort order to be lost
4247 Fixed Track browser doesn't filter correctly (hides a track)
4250 Fixed some mp3 streams don't play (they're ignored as php files)
4243 Fixed renaming Composer nodes causes other equivalently named attributes to be modified
4259 Fixed MP3 CD Burns: live size indicator is sometimes incorrect (regression)
4261 Fixed FLAC tags can be corrupted in some circumstances
4239 Fixed Genres with '(' aren't properly read from ID3 tags
4245 Fixed editing folder node in Location node can add extra "\" to the path
4237 Fixed remaining Japanese Localization Issues
4240 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename: Disc# field can't be used properly
4246 Fixed Auto-Tag from Web Album Art settings don't persist for saving Art to a file
4234 Fixed Auto-DJ: Popup is delayed; Player can be locked; Player embedded art can fail
4241 Fixed Synchronization of Album Art can consume excessive amounts of memory
4252 Fixed Search bar doesn't search Album Artist field
4256 Fixed large fonts don't work well for Album Art/Details view & unfocused/selected node
4255 Fixed some tracks always remain in unyschronized tags node due to hidden characters
4254 Fixed Album Art views: Albums are sometimes split
4235 Fixed Installation package without Install.ini file causes AV
4257 Fixed scripting problem: can't stop playback in some cases (regression)
4260 Fixed scripting problem: OnTrackAdded event is never called (regression)
4262 Fixed INI entries writen by scripts via SDB_OnShutDown are deleted on exit
4249 Optimized Search bar (2x) & added .ini option to 10x by restricting search fields

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