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MediaMonkey RC6

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MediaMonkey RC6  غير المفتاح

4649 Added switch for WAV tagging to use UTF-8 or ASCII
4659 Fixed Volume Leveling fails for very long tracks
4651 Fixed Playback behavior isn't consistent between Now Playing & other nodes
4654 Fixed incorrect search results in some cases for Track# and Disc#
4615 Fixed some operations can be very slow (regression re #4642)
4644 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename: Grouping mask doesn't work
4641 Fixed Tracklist shifts from the correct position on scrollbar release
4640 Fixed Bounce/Scroll config doesn't work for custom skin labels
4606 Fixed Album Art View: Grouping isn't disabled for random sorts
4606 Fixed Album Art + Details View: Playlists/AutoPlaylists display out of order
4648 Fixed Auto-tag from Web / Auto-DJ errors if custom script no longer available
4650 Fixed Click on Length field of selected track shows '1 tracks to be tagged'
4596 Fixed Send to... sends wrong tracks from undocked Now Playing
4653 Fixed File Monitor doesn't detect folder moves (regression)
4647 Fixed Now Playing window pops up when starting MM in some cases (regression)

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