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MediaMonkey RC1

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MediaMonkey RC1  غير المفتاح

4517 Fixed Folder move/remove operations are very slow on large databases
4516 Fixed Operations on tracks stored by UNC names can be very slow
4499 Fixed Tracks with date tags of the form mm/yyyy appear in 'unsynchronized tags'
4496 Fixed In-Player Art for now playing track flickers when tracks are monitored
4505 Fixed Shift-Delete doesn't delete currently playing track in Now Playing
4543 Fixed Random Album sort order doesn't work correctly
4525 Fixed Artwork isn't properly linked for .aac tracks
4530 Fixed incorrect tagging of multiple-value fields in Id3v2.3
4527 Fixed Search for ';' produces an error (regression)
4498 Fixed iPhone/Touch sync: some tracks with special characters don't play
4515 Fixed iPhone/Touch sync: Videos deleted on iPod can reappear on sync
4507 Fixed iPhone/iPod sync: Ratings & Play history may not sync back to the PC
1878 Fixed iPhone/iPod sync: Virtual CD tracks don't sync (regression)
4502 Fixed sync options: switching tabs can trigger error when editing masks (regression)
4394 Fixed Podcasts should download in parallel (3x) rather than sequentially
4484 Fixed Podcasts 'Add Directory' ui is too ambiguous
4494 Fixed Podcasts subscription removal doesn't auto-delete emptied podcast directories
4519 Fixed is no longer active
4526 Fixed Podcast album art isn't correctly associated / displayed
4475 Fixed Specific corrupted WAV files trigger freeze and can't be tagged
4508 Fixed some podcasts with embedded user/pass in the feed URL appear empty
4512 Fixed Properties dialog: attributes not selectable after 'update & next'
4501 Fixed Tree Context menus are incorrect for some (esp. root) nodes
4500 Fixed '[x] Level Playback volume:' checkbox is cut off when switching languages
4532 Fixed Now Playing: Tracklist rating field sometimes opens a combo box
4521 Fixed skinless mode: Properties > Basic tab: buttons don't display correctly
4523 Fixed skinless mode: Set Destination Wizard sample fails to update
4535 Fixed skinless mode: Set Destination Wizard mask buttons don't close mask selector
4537 Fixed skinless mode: mask selector doesn't place masks at cursor position
4406 Fixed mask selector is missing

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