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* 4751 Fixed scanning of m4a tracks is very slow when done over a network
* 4737 Fixed Disc burning wizard paths don't account for auto-conversion filetypes
* 4740 Fixed masks from MM and prior should convert to
* 4743 Fixed Mass Edit dialog: Ratings appear 'unknown' if tracks have the same rating
* 4741 Fixed Remove function for iPod is sometimes missing (regression)
* 4733 Fixed 'Integer overflow' error in some cases when browsing tracklist
* 4728 Fixed Burn Data CD: "Auto-convert" w/ "Copy album art to track tags" fails
* 4747 Fixed Burn with auto-conversion fails completely if DRMed track is present
* 4748 Fixed Burn Data CD: Status bar shows random text e.g. 'Burning U2 - MLK.mp3A0D1'
* 4739 Fixed changing Album name of multiple-Artist Album triggers freeze (regression)
* 4729 Fixed mask history dropdown lists: can't select the first item (regression)
* 4746 Fixed Duplicate tracks are added when '\' is entered as File Monitor directory
* 3798 Fixed cannot add network shares via browse folders dialog
* 4738 Fixed missing icons in browse folders dialog: Entire Network + subnodes

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