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Notepad++ 3.0

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Notepad++ 3.0  غير المفتاح

  • Add remapping the shortcuts feature.
  • Enhance the macro feature (saving ability, mapping with shorcut).
  • Enhance the run command feature (saving ability, mapping with shorcut and insert of environment variables).
  • Add "Trim Trailing Space" feature.
  • Fix the User Defined Language Dialog splash problem during the launch of Notepad++.
  • Fix the Regular Expression Search problem for an empty word.
  • Fix the problem that Notepad++ creep up each launch time when taskbar at top of screen.
  • Fix "New Notepad Document" disappearing problem (in context menu) after associate .txt with Notepad++ via the File Association Manager
  • Add "Close tab with the middle mouse button" feature.
  • Add "go to line #" command line argument.
  • Add find features Find selected Next(Shift+F3), Find Prev(Ctrl+F3) and Find selected Prev(Ctrl+Shift+F3).
  • Fix the Ucs-2 little/big endian encoding bug.
  • Fix the sql string highlighting problem.
  • Add shortcuts Alt+0 and Alt+Shift+0 for respectively "Fold all" and "Unfold all".

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