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Notepad++ 3.8

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Notepad++ 3.8  غير المفتاح

  • Restore the F3 old behaviour of v3.6 (search non-volatile). Change search volatile behaviour in Ctrl-F3.
  • Add run macro multiple times feature.
  • Enhance macro undo/redo feature.
  • Memorize the position of each file while saving the session.
  • Add feature which creates a new file if file to open does not exist (from command line).
  • Bug fixed : crash while NPP minimized & open file from explorer context menu.
  • Bug fixed : User Defined Dialog's crash problem
  • Change system tray icon behaviour : One Click to show notepad++ windows.
  • Add Block comment/uncomment and Stream comment feature for User define language.
  • Fix Macro recording bug : paste command is recorded 2 times.

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