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Notepad++ 5.3

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Notepad++ 5.3  غير المفتاح

  • Add Line change state vertical bar.
  • Drop (or open in dos command line) a directory in Notepad++ to open all files in the directory recursively.
  • Add "Find all in current file" feature.
  • (Most of) Find/replace dialog settings are remembered.
  • Add a hidden setting (dlgAlwaysVisible in config.xml) to allow user set it manually to not hide the Find/Replace dialog if any result found.
  • Fix uncomment block erasing first character bug.
  • Enlarge some strings displayed zone for the translation.
  • Fix ESC key for column mode behaviour.
  • Fix read only file SaveAs bug.
  • Change behaviour : no popup dialog while closing an unsaved empty untitled document.
  • Changing "Search result" stylers via Styler Configurator takes visual effect on the fly now.
  • Fix for L_EXTERNAL in loadSession.
  • Variable $(CURRENT_WORD) is enlarged to 2039 charraters.
  • Fix the bug the Notepad++ is launched several instances but show nothing.
  • Fix Find in files regression : The result panel doesn't show Unicode characters correctly.

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