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BitComet 0.53

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BitComet 0.53  غير المفتاح

  • GUI Bugfix: fixed lots of gui crash problems
  • GUI Improved: tweak the column layout (Thanks stisev)
  • GUI Improved: display seeds numbers connected in the recent 10 minutes
  • GUI Improved: able to add task as paused
  • GUI Improved: send crash report is supported for all beta version
  • GUI Improved: auto add seeding task as paused after .torrent is made
  • GUI Improved: should runs more smooth for those download rate exceed 1MB/s - 2MB/s (Great thanks to GHOSTOPOST)
  • GUI Improved: avoid gui blink for non-XP os
  • GUI Improved: global pause/resume from the system tray (Thanks Assmongrel)
  • GUI Improved: avoid system entering power suspend mode when task is running
  • GUI Improved: command line add params: /? /s /m /tray /output
  • GUI Improved: able to edit backup tracker in the options
  • GUI Changes: listening port now allow full range : 1 - 65535
  • Core Improved: limit the tcp connecting rate to 4 new connection per second
  • Core Improved: add default minimize upload rate, avoid zero rate seeding
  • Core Improved: add chatting support, support PM as well, support chat room torrent
  • Core Improved: a few queue behavior improvement, and pause all bugfix (Thanks Kameraman)
  • Core Improved: able to Hash check again when the download task finished.
  • Core Improved: avoid upload to only several best peers, cause download drops when upload is slow. (
  • Core Improved: avoid download task donot need to upload but all the seeding task has no upload at all. (Thanks ulion)
  • Core Improved: change the frequency requesting tracker, decrease the burden of trackers. (Thanks ulion)
  • Core Improved: able to ban user temporarily for 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours.
  • Core Improved: able to block IP permanently defined by ipfilter.dat (compatiable with eMule)(Thanks Adam Thirnis)
  • Core Improved: detect peer who send bad data, and auto temporarily block it for 5 minutes
  • Core Bugfix: donot work corrently with tracker in compact mode
  • Core Bugfix: allocate before download won\'t allocate immediately ( thanks windy)
  • Core Bugfix: forget to load the default tracker when tracker-list existed ( thanks Henry)
  • Core Bugfix: UPnP may can\'t work with some hardware router ( thanks btchina for the financial support to buy one )
  • Core Bugfix: UPnP may can\'t find service ( thanks BK->NEW() )
  • Core Bugfix: can\'t release port mapping when exit
  • Core Bugfix: remove .xml file, hash checking, start will hash-checking again (Thanks lqbn)
  • Core Bugfix: incorrectly handle the files gap, may fix the hashchecking loop bug
  • Core Bugfix: auto start new task if download rate below can\'t work
  • Core Bugfix: avoid too large disk cache crash bitcomet in low memory conditions
  • Core Bugfix: the small file next to the big one may be 100% but zero data until the big one is finished. (Thanks c-j-z)
  • Core Bugfix(critical): mistake the timeout interval in bittorrent specification, only 1 minute timeout cause possible disconnect with seed using official client (Thanks ulion)
  • Core Bugfix(critical): protencial download a corrupt file
  • Core Bugfix(critical): do not response tracker NAT checking, so that won\'t be listed in tracker. ( happen again :( )

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