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BitComet 0.58

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BitComet 0.58  غير المفتاح

  • GUI Improved: add Hash-check thread priority as an option
  • GUI Improved: add Remove task only confirmation
  • GUI Bugfix: disable file location change for paused tasks
  • GUI Bugfix: can not auto shutdown computer when desktop is locked
  • GUI Bugfix: the auto-stopped task can not upload
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the win98/me auto shutdown issue
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the dde regarding file association
  • Core Improved: add task option: peer info exchange enable
  • Core Bugfix: UDP tracker DNS resolve can cause stop response for 2s
  • Core Bugfix: fix the issue when one UDP tracker in a tracker group can not connect
  • Core Bugfix: continue download at startup can not work if crashed last time
  • Core Bugfix: fix one crash issue when connections are unstable

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