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BitComet 1.04

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BitComet 1.04  غير المفتاح

  • GUI Improved: my shared torrent list turns into orrent archive. all downloaded torrent files will be saved there.
  • GUI Improved: add filter edit box to torrent archive list.
  • GUI Improved: remove deleted task list. when delete BT task, its torrent file can be kept in torrent archive
  • GUI Improved: new option: clear peer sharing torrent list when program exits. enabled by default.
  • GUI Improved: new option: standby, hibernate, restart or shutdown computer when all task downloaded and stopped
  • GUI Improved: new command in Tools menu: check for BitComet updates
  • GUI Improved: improve Long-Time Seeding download rate display in peer list
  • GUI Improved: displays play button in task list after download audio file, like mp3, wma
  • GUI Bugfix: open file from file list will fail, after rename BT task and restart BitComet
  • GUI Bugfix: when make torrent file in v1.03, files in sub-directories will not be added into torrent
  • GUI Bugfix: when main window is not wide enough, the search box in toolbar will display in invalid position
  • GUI Bugfix: total downloaded/uploaded bytes in statistics list will be clear in some situation since v1.02
  • Core Improved: all opened torrent files will be saved to archive folder

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