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BitComet 0.86

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BitComet 0.86  غير المفتاح

GUI Improved: new torrent share function: click my sheard or peer shared in fav list to manage shared torrents
GUI Improved: add option to calculate ED2K link for each file in torrent make dialog
GUI Improved: add preset button to choose preset save folder in BT task properties dialog
GUI Improved: add option to download from the mirror when the source url can't be connected in HTTP task properties dialog
GUI Improved: remove movie info related staffs from torrent make dialog and BT task properties dialog
GUI Improved: add mark highlight button and filter popup menu to download all links dialog
GUI Improved: add server mode option to preferences dialog, which support more connections but can't set precise rate
GUI Improved: improve search box in toolbar of main window
GUI Improved: if choose to open URL inside BitComet, new web window will open, without effect to main window
GUI Improved: after a torrent file downloaded by http task, the BT download will start automatically
GUI Improved: HTTP/FTP resources number for BT task is displayed in file list
GUI Improved: add hotkey PageUp/PageDown, Ctrl+Left/Right and Alt+Left/Right for preview window to seek 10 sec, 30 sec and 120 sec
GUI Improved: bufferred time length is display in status bar when preview
GUI Improved: when close BT/HTTP task properties dialog, save folder and filename is verified to be valid
GUI Bugfix: ban IP menu in peer list of BT task do not work sometimes
GUI Bugfix: avoid system entering suspend/sleeping mode do not work in Windows Vista
GUI Bugfix: left time in task list is not correct if task size is too largr or download rate is too low
Core Improved: new torrent share function, to download torrent files from peers
Core Improved: support HTTPS download
Core Improved: support download FTP resource for BT task
Core Improved: improve SHA1 algorithm, decrease CPU usage
Core Improved: improve NAT Traversal via UDP component, decrease CPU usage
Core Bugfix: upnp.exe launch fail in Windows 2000

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