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WinSCP 3.6.7

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WinSCP 3.6.7  غير المفتاح

  • This security fix release is initially available in English version only. Other languages can be downloaded from downloads page once finished.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.55. It brings following changes:
    • Security fix: the vulnerability found by the Core Security Technologies is now fixed. See advisory numbered CORE-2004-0705
    • General robustness of the SSH-1 implementation has been improved.
    • Bug fix: Random noise generation was hanging some computers and interfering with other processes’ precision timing.
    • Several other bug fixes.
  • Multiple files can be edited and/or opened at the same time. Modified files are uploaded back using background transfer queue. To revert to previous behaviour, see Editor settings.
  • With SFTP protocol, it is possible to open separate shell session to execute user-defined commands. The server must provide Unix-like shell and the shell must use same path syntax as SFTP session for this to work. This enables Open Terminal, Custom commands and command-line features in SFTP sessions (the shell session is opened automatically when they are used).
  • Experimental support for version 5 of SFTP. Currently it brings only better error reporting. In future the upgrade may allow file verification using MD5 algorithm. Note that as I do not know any server supporting SFTP5, the funtionality was not tested at all.
  • When obsolete translation file is found in WinSCP startup directory, warning is shown, as it may cause program not to work properly. Command Open directory/bookmark added to panel context menu (Commander interface only).
  • Some SFTP error messages were clarified.
  • Temporary directory options moved from Drag&drop tab of Preferences dialog to Storage tab as the settings are actually used by other features as well.
  • Bug fix: Save toolbar button was sometime disabled, when it should not and vice versa.
  • Several other bug fixes.

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