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WinSCP 5.0.7 (Beta)

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WinSCP 5.0.7 (Beta)  غير المفتاح

  • Using MLSD/MLST to list directory with FTP protocol, when supported. Thanks to Michael Lukashov. 568
  • UTF-8 support in an internal editor. 78
  • Optionally refreshing file panel in regular intervals. 53
  • If password is not specified on Login dialog with FTP protocol, connection is first tried without password. 653
  • WinSCP can now optionally collect and send to WinSCP team non-personal usage statistics.
  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1b.
  • IDE upgraded to Embarcadero C++ Builder XE2.
  • Warning is printed on console, when user combines -filemask switch with obsoleted exclude or include options.
  • Embedded GPL licence text did not contain instructions for how to use GPL on your own programs. 800
  • .NET assembly description and consequently type library name modified to start with “WinSCP” for easier look up.
  • Remembering the last selected stored session on the Login dialog. 760
  • When waiting for external console redirected to a pipe times out, it is suggested to check, if the pipe is being read from.
  • Transfer settings panel moved from Preferences dialog into separate dialog.
  • Layout of Transfer settings dialog improved.
  • Split button is used for Transfer Settings button on Transfer, Synchronize and Keep remote directory up to date dialogs (Windows Vista and newer only).
  • Set defaults command of Login dialog placed more intuitively on drop down menu of Save button (On Windows Vista and newer only).
  • .NET assembly Session class public methods are explicitly locked against concurrent and recursive access.
  • Silently ignoring errors, when implicitly preserving permissions of overwritten file after resumable file upload. 773
  • File mask on Find file window can be edited in Edit mask dialog.
  • Files in directory excluded from file search are excluded from search too. 730
  • Change: Blowfish is preferred encryption cipher. 1
  • Fixed mistakes in MFC building readme file in source code package.
  • 256px icon embedded directly in the executable file.
  • Not considering 3xx error code an error for custom remote commands. 832
  • Double buffered drawing of file panels to prevent flicker. 823
  • Alpha-blended marquee selection on file panels.
  • Hidden columns are reordered to the front, not to interfere with resizing of visible columns.
  • Full row select is by default turned ‘off’ to allow easier selection of files by mouse.
  • Optional full row select in Explorer interface. 792
  • Increased minimal height of directory tree item.
  • On Login dialog, Save button is disabled on Logging tab and Preferences tab and Login button is disabled on Preferences tab, to avoid confusion.
  • Bug fix: When downloading file with SFTP protocol, overwrite confirmation dialog showed cached timestamp of source remote file instead of actual one. 810
  • Bug fix: Shut down once operation completes was blocked by confirmation prompt. 811
  • Bug fix: Redirected output of console interface lacked CR. 812
  • Bug fix: Window flickered when application was activated.
  • Bug fix: Main menu did not open when application was not activated. 813
  • Bug fix: When selecting files by mask, all directories were implicitly selected. 808
  • Bug fix: When finding files, all directories were implicitly found. 840
  • Bug fix: did not restore console codepage on exit. 814
  • Bug fix: Failure on SSL session resuming. Thanks to Michael Lukashov. 668
  • Bug fix: Failure on second failed call to Session.Open of .NET assembly.
  • Bug fix: Information about dragged files was generated incorrectly. 828
  • Bug fix: Failure when reconnect failed. 829
  • Bug fix: Exclusion-only file mask on Edit mask dialog was formatted incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Unicode console output was displayed incorrectly on Windows XP and earlier.
  • Bug fix: Failure when generating valid local file name from name containing more than one invalid character. 836
  • Bug fix: Path label disappears when clicked. 837
  • Bug fix: Authentication prompts with no actual prompt were always failed in scripting. 820
  • Bug fix: Default session settings were not preserved, when set based on loaded stored session. 839
  • Bug fix: When mask wrapped in Edit file mask dialog, it was split into multiple masks.
  • Bug fix: The .NET assembly could not find winscp.exe, when run from network path. 841
  • Bug fix: Incorrect timestamp timezone in XML log and .NET assembly. 843
  • Bug fix: Rare incorrect conversion of line endings. 845
  • Bug fix: Keepalives cause timeouts with FTP protocol. 847
  • Bug fix: Occasional failure while authentication prompt is idle. 848
  • Bug fix: Selected note in directory tree was drawn incorrectly, when not focused in Explorer interface.
  • Bug fix: Temporary file with XML log is not removed with .NET assembly. 849
  • Bug fix: Rare incorrect EOL conversion.

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