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WinSCP 3.6.8

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WinSCP 3.6.8  غير المفتاح

  • New function to duplicate remote files. Implemented natively only for SCP protocol as SFTP does not have the functionality. With SFTP the command can open secondary shell session, like with Open Terminal (and other functions), to perform the duplication.
  • Function to create new file and open it in default editor.
  • Remote recycle bin may be configured for session. Deleted and overwritten files may be optionally moved to defined remote directory.
  • During synchronization user may optionally request confirmation before each change.
  • Path label above file panel is now click-able. User may click on any part of the path to enter that directory (Commander interface only).
  • Size of the translation files reduced by 40% (more than 200 KiB each).
  • New filename modification option: lower case only DOS names (8.3).
  • On startup program checks for obsolete temporary folders. If it finds any, it offers user their deletion. Obsolete directories maybe also deleted manually from Cleanup window (see Tools button on Stored session tab of Login window).
  • Confirmation option Exiting application on operation completion affects now also, whether confirmation is shown once upload invoked using Windows Explorer’s Send to menu is finished.
  • When importing stored sessions from PuTTY, default values are used for options not set by PuTTY (like transfer protocol).
  • In file panel, when horizontal scroll bar is hidden, left and right arrow keys moves selection to first and last file respectively (Commander interface only).
  • Bug fix: With some specific devices, prompt to insert media was shown just before the main windows of application was displayed (Commander interface only).
  • Bug fix: The check for obsolete default translation files failed to display complete error message when the translation file was really very old.
  • Bug fix: When drive (like USB memory stick) was attached or detached the local directory tree was not refreshed, making the new drive inaccesible from local panel (Commander interface only).
  • Bug fix: Remote path history was corrupted, when directory was changed using directory tree.
  • Bug fix: Assertion error in attempt to use Desktop or My documents in local path drop-down menu.
  • Bug fix: Under specific circumstances application failed when closed, while having some editors still opened.
  • Bug fix: Error message was shown in infinite loop, when error occured in attempt to open file in an external editor.
  • Bug fix: Small problems with Kerberos authentication.
  • Bug fix: Local recycle bin could not be left using .. link (Commander interface only).
  • Bug fix: Setup failed to detect that the application is running during upgrade.

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