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WinSCP 4.4.0

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WinSCP 4.4.0  غير المفتاح

  • Bug fix: Icon on properties dialog was rendered with session color on background.
  • Bug fix: Tray icon was not restored after explorer/taskbar restart. 898
  • Bug fix: External IP address of the server is not used when provided IP address is automatically detected as unroutable. 904
  • Bug fix: Error connecting over SOCKS proxy with FTP protocol. 907
  • Bug fix: Local file/folder got recycled when dropped on folder on the same panel. 911
  • Bug fix: Failure when saving file opened from closed session. 918
  • Bug fix: Command on Console windows is not saved to history, when executed using Enter key. 934
  • Bug fix: Incorrect file was renamed when changing remote directory using directory tree while renaming file. 933
  • Bug fix: Failure to open session in scripting from command line was not reported in exit code. 953
  • Bug fix: Issuer and Subject were swapped on Certificate verification prompt. 967

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