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Avant Browser 11.5 Beta 4

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Avant Browser 11.5 Beta 4  غير المفتاح

Re-designed User Interface with concepts of simply and user-friendly
Re-designed Customizable Context menu to replace IE's
Re-designed Address Bar drop-down list
Re-designed Online Storage
Re-designed Compact View
Support PNG image in the GUI, Skin Maker coming soon.
Added "Copy URL" for Links context menu.
Added "Open in New Window" for Links menu.
Added Supper drag-and-drop for links and searches.
Imporved Memory Usage.
Improved Importing functions that allow import from another account of Avant.
Imporived security for websites to access user's clipboard.
Fixed a few bugs with non-Administrator accounts.
Fixed the bug that Flash Player doesn't work with propertly when IE7 installed
Fixed the bug that cannot search for Non-English bookmarks
Fixed the bug that cannot open XML with xsl sheet
Fixed some minor bugs found in the previous versions
Fixed a bug with proxy

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