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Avant Browser 2013 Build 107

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Avant Browser 2013 Build 107  غير المفتاح

  • [Updated]fireox engine:
  • [Updated]chrome engine:26.0.1410.64
  • [Improve]Improved User Interface
  • [Improve]Reduced CPU usage
  • [Fix]Avant always opens as compact style
  • [Fix]Reduced the minimize width of add-on bar
  • [Fix]Some UI problems
  • [Fix]The whole sidebar can be moved
  • [Fix]Drop down list of standard buttons.
  • [Fix]Cannot select user-defined search engine in win8
  • [Fix]Cannot move Avant window when in restore state using opal skins,
  • [Fix]Cannot operate the tabs on second tab row
  • [Fix]Standard buttons bar doesn't have content menu
  • [Fix]cannot click the drop down list of management bar
  • [Fix]Unicode url problem
  • [Fix]mouse gesture stays on webpage in XP
  • [Fix]date on copyright page
  • [Fix]browser is unusable when opening more than two windows
  • [Fix]Auto hide taskbar problem
  • [Fix]The file name of attachment is unreadable using Avant downloader
  • [Fix]F8 shortcut loses effect
  • [Fix]No sidebar icon on status bar
  • [Fix]split view problems
  • [Fix]ctrl+mouse wheel shortcut loses effect
  • [Fix]view toolbars problem
  • [Fix]Two Avant icons when using alt+tab shortcut.

Avant Browser 2013 يبني

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