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Avant Browser 9.01 Build 100

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Avant Browser 9.01 Build 100  غير المفتاح

  • Open all links in a page by right-click.
  • Search selected text in a web page with Google. (Right Click)
  • Highlight all occurrences of selected text in a web page. (Right Click)
  • Block unwanted AD banners/buttons with the built-in AD Blocker.
  • Advanced Popup Blocker will block wanted popup ADs more accurately.
  • All Blocked URLs are recoverable.
  • Web page translation service.
  • Assign alias to URLs, make typing URL much more faster.
  • Customizable Quick Search: g book=search book in Google. etc.
  • Search for Favorites.
  • Display FavIcon in Favorites, Links and Address Box.
  • Create Favorites with FavIcon.
  • Improved Download for FavIcon.
  • Improved Skins Support. Faster Interface Drawing.
  • Improved the display of all menus, the display of menus is much faster.
  • Add a option to open new tab next to the current tab.
  • More built-in skins: Xito, Roma and Windows Tranditional.
  • Options to hide menus you don\'t need.
  • Fixed bugs of editing/renaming/creating in Favorites Band.
  • Fixed the bug of GDI leaking.

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