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Avant Browser 2012 Build 06

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Avant Browser 2012 Build 06  غير المفتاح

* [Add]Tools>Proxy>Use Internet Explorer setting
* [Add]Store speed dial icon in Avant profiles
* [Add]Add F5 to refresh detached tab
* [Add]Distinguish rendering mode for current page by watermark
* [Fix]The filter expression problem to assign and delete rendering engine
* [Fix]Drop down list and content menu disappear
* [Fix]Some windows are covered by other windows
* [Fix]New blank page loses focus
* [Fix]Download file name miscode
* [Fix]Ctrl+N opens two blank pages
* [Fix]Hide taskbar Icon problem
* [Fix]Ctrl+P causes error under firefox mode
* [Fix]The page sticks to desktop when minimize browser
* [Fix]Add bookmarks to subfolder
* [Fix]The state of Safety lock on status bar
* [Fix]The problem of moving restored window
* [Fix]The problem of saving selected regione as picture
* [Fix]ctrl+f loses focus
* [Fix]View>source window shows behind browser window

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