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Avant Browser 2010 Build 123

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Avant Browser 2010 Build 123  غير المفتاح

* [Fix]Two AB icons appeared in the alt-tab window with Roboform Toobar enabled(395).
* [Fix]Win+arrow didn't work when foucs was on Avant's page window(417).
* [Fix]Win+arrow didn't work when Avant was first opened(418) .
* [Fix]Re-enabled Ctrl + shift + left click to open a link in background(438).
* [Fix]Tab bar showed incomplete titles in some cases.
* [Fix]Refreshing didn't work for loading failed pages.
* [Fix]Toolbars still showed unlocked though Lock the Toolbars options was already checked(Problem here).
* [Fix]Backup Profile feature didn't backup some configurations(Problem here).
* [Fix]In some cases the input field in a page lost focus when switching back from other applications(422).
* [Fix]Address Bar lost focus when switching back from other applications.
* [Fix]Scroll Bar changed position when switching back from other tabs.
* [Fix]Exiting Avant Browser caused the download window to close(424).

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