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Avant Browser 2013 Build 108

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Avant Browser 2013 Build 108  غير المفتاح

  • [Updated]fireox engine:
  • [Updated]chrome engine:27.0.1453.110
  • [Fix]Images are not saved corretly under chrome engine
  • [Fix]The setting to clear records when Avant exits loses effect under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Lock toolbar problem
  • [Fix]Play video problem under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Cannot move autofills
  • [Fix]Cannot move bookmarks on bookmarks bar
  • [Fix]Cannot add bookmarks on bookmarks bar
  • [Fix]Unicode url problem
  • [Fix]The content menu problem of tabs when tab bar is on bottom.
  • [Fix]The confirmation window to close Avant pops up twice
  • [Fix]Cannot save window size
  • [Fix]Detached tab cannot keep on top
  • [Fix]The position problem of favicon and url on address bar
  • [Fix]Other minor problems

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