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Avant Browser 2010 Build 1

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Avant Browser 2010 Build 1  غير المفتاح

* [Feature]Multi-Process system: Avant will stay intact whether a tab crashes or not.
* [Feature]Better CPU/Memory usage. Releases memory thoroughly to fix most leaks
* [Feature]New Paste & go, Paste & submit, and Paste & Search, right click options for the Address bar
* [Feature]Private Mode: When you open a private session no history, temp files, or cookies are saved during the session.
* [Feature]Backup/Restore Profile interface: Allows you to backup and restore your profile. Your profile includes bookmarks and interface settings, such as the position of your buttons/toolbars, etc.
* [Feature]New Tab-Wrap button: As more tabs are opened you can either have them all on one row or click this button and it will start wrapping to more than one row of tabs.
* [Feature]Rendering mode: You can now choose between IE7,IE8, and IE8 Forced mode
* [Feature]Save Selected Region to Clipboard
* [Feature]Ascend or descend sorting Quick search and URL Alias
* [Feature]Clear Website icons
* [Feature]Copy all URLs from a Bookmark folder
* [Feature]New right click options: Block All images from the Same Server, Copy Picture Link, Open Picture in New Tab, Open in New Avant Browser[Private Mode].
* [Feature]Variable tab width(Tab Bar right-click menu->Tab Options->Fixed Tab Width added)
* [Improvement]Google Translations
* [Improvement]AD Blocker
* [Fix]Being unable to start a new line to edit the script of an addon
* [Fix]Only displaying favicons in site?s root directory
* [Fix]Values are too short to read in View/Edit Autofill window when variables are too long.
* [Fix]Sometimes exported bookmarks are miscoded
* [Fix]Creating new tabs action was tardy.
* [Fix]The default zoom size was displayed as 0%.
* [Fix]New created pages didn?t follow the zoom size reset.
* [Fix]Being unable to type URL into the address bar if creating a new tab with CTRL + N
* [Fix]Annoying ActiveX error often popped up when Disable ActiveX option checked.
* [Fix]Sometime Tab may bring itself to the front.
* [Fix]Being unable to edit proxy lists
* [Fix]Tardy Auto-Complete response for the Address Bar
* [Fix]Back / Forward buttons on Logitech Mouse didn?t work.
* [Fix]Open Picture in New Tab button didn?t work.
* [Fix]Address Bar typing problem when no tab was open
* [Fix]The rendering problem in this site
* [Fix]The drop-down history in forward/backward button disappeared after the related avanttab.exe was closed.
* [Fix]Roboform toolbar display problem
* [Fix]Sometime saving logins dialog would appear though the feature was disabled.
* [Fix]Some fixes for Yahoo toolbar
* [Fix]Searching in this site caused the tab to freeze
* [Fix]Closing Avant with ALT + F4 crashed the related tabs
* [Fix]The non-working backward/forward action activated by the combination of both mouse buttons
* [Fix]A blank area appeared when closing Avant.
* [Fix]Sometime avanttab.exe still ran though Avant Browser was already closed.
* [Fix]Tabs bar disappeared when switching back from another application if Show Windows Tab on Bottom was checked.
* [Fix]Adding this site into Bookmarks folder erased all bookmarks.
* [Fix]The Title Bar lost focus when switching out of Compact Style.
* [Fix]Switching back from other applications caused the Tab Bar showed on the bottom to disappear.
* [Fix]The last closed tab?s URL still appeared in the address bar.
* [Fix]Some toolbars disappeared
* [Fix]The title bar doesn't conform to the windows visual style.
* [Fix]some Macromedia Flash won't load.

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