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Opera 10.50 Beta 1 (Build 3247)

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Opera 10.50 Beta 1 (Build 3247)  غير المفتاح

# New features

* Better integration with the Windows operating system
> Windows 7:
- Aero Glass
- Aero Peek
- Jumplists

* Opera Carakan JavaScript engine
- Cross-platform bytecode interpreter for a new register-based instruction set
- Internal object model with automatic classification and inline property caching
- Machine code generation (JIT compiler)
- Divided garbage collection heap: automatically traverses the memory of active heaps
- Caching of compiled programs
- Reduced memory usage
- Further Carakan information (

* Opera "O" tab and menu
The new Opera "O" tab and its associated menu (located on the left side of the Opera Tab bar) replaces the traditional Opera Menu bar. This increases vertical space in the Opera desktop window, and centralizes frequently used features and tools in one, convenient location. Optionally, the new Opera "O" tab and menu can be replaced with the traditional Opera Menu bar by clicking "Show Menu Bar" in the Opera "O" menu. This new Opera feature contains the following items.
- Tabs and Windows
- Page Tools
- Print
- Bookmarks
- History
- Downloads
- Opera Unite
- Synchronize Opera
- Widgets
- Notes
- Mail and Chat Accounts
- Mail
- Contacts
- Appearance
- Settings
- Help
- Show Menu Bar
- Exit

* Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine
The Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine includes the following additions and improvements.
- CSS 2.1 visibility: collapse
- CSS3 border-radius property (rounded corners)
- CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
- CSS3 2D Transforms
- CSS3 Transitions
- HTML 5 <video> element DOM APIs to reflect changes in the specification
- HTML 5 <param> element (child of the HTML 5 <object> element) support for controlling animations/scripts; see:
^ W3C testsuite (
^ W3C specification (
- SVG buffered-rendering property; see the W3C reference (
- Text search inside SVG
- Animated raster images (APNG, GIF) in all the SVG elements that support raster graphics, i.e., <image>, <foreignObject>, and <feImage>
Further Opera Presto 2.5 information (

* Opera Vega graphics library
- Renders all graphics in Opera
- Employs rounded corners, box shadow, animations, etc.
- Improved support for SVG and the HTML 5 <canvas> element
- Further Vega information (

* Opera Widgets for Desktop
Although they run outside the browser, Opera Widgets have been treated as entities inside the browser in many respects. Widgets are currently managed from within Opera, and they run as long as Opera runs.
The new Opera Widgets for Desktop ends this dependency on the browser and moves Opera Widgets to the next level: that of first-class applications. Above all, the Opera Widgets for Desktop gives widgets the potential to replace some native applications on the computer.
Opera Widgets for Desktop provides a standalone framework, and supports the separation of widgets from the Opera browser user interface, lifespan, and resources.

* Opera Widgets for Desktop includes the following features:
- Widget management and lifespans are separated from the Opera desktop browser.
- Each widget runs in a separate process.
- Integration with the operating system includes support for creating desktop and menu-based application shortcuts.
- Widget control buttons organize important actions:
> Move
> Close
> Minimize
> Settings
- Support is provided for different widget modes such as "Application" and "Widget".
- A new widget installation/uninstallation process is supported:
> Uninstallation from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel
- Notification pop-ups are supported.
- Password manager is supported.
- File I/O (Input/Output) access is supported.
- The upgrading of installed widgets from current to new runtime is supported.
- Improved support for Opera Dragonfly is provided.
> Remote debugging is possible; configurable via a widget's context menu.

* Non-modal notification messages
- Notification message windows no longer interrupt workflow
> JavaScript alerts, HTTP notifications, Password Manager, etc., now display as page overlays
> Switching of tabs or windows while these dialogs are displayed is now allowed

* Private browsing

- Creating, browsing, and then closing private tabs and private windows removes all records of Web sites visited through them.
> Using the new Opera "O" tab and menu, go to:
+ Tabs and Windows > New Private Tab
+ Tabs and Windows > New Private Window
> Using the traditional Opera Menu bar, go to:
+ File > New Private Tab
+ File > New Private Window

* Web Storage
- Support is established for:
- Session storage: offers a temporary storage of data
- Local storage: stores data for a longer period until you explicitly clear it
- See: Web Storage W3C Working Draft (

* Web SQL Database
- Offers the ability to create databases and enables:
> Storage of data in a more structured manner
> Querying data using SQL
> See: Web SQL Database W3C Working Draft (

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