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Opera 9.60 Beta 1

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Opera 9.60 Beta 1  غير المفتاح

This is a beta version of Opera. Please use it only on properly backed up computers.
New and improved features
Opera Link

Custom search engines and typed history (typed history is only the history you explicitly type or select from the address bar) are now joining bookmarks, speed dial, personal bar, and notes in Opera Link.
Feed Preview

Now you can preview an RSS/Atom feed before subscribing.
Opera Mail

Low Bandwidth Mode
Low Bandwidth Mode is a setting on mail accounts that makes Opera Mail use as little bandwidth as possible.

* For IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), this means that Opera will only synchronise new messages and it will not fetch message attachments unless requested
* For POP (Post Office Protocol), Opera will not fetch more than the first 100 lines of a message unless requested

Follow/Ignore threads and contacts
Follow and Ignore are new features for users that receive numerous messages. It makes it easier to dismiss unimportant messages and easier to recognise important messages.
Activate this feature by selecting Follow/Ignore in the email context menu (or click the message subject header), then select either Follow Thread or Ignore Thread. Also, you can click the names in the From or To headers to enable the following or ignoring of contacts.
Go To Thread
You can now also use "Go to thread" which means that you can view only the messages from that thread. This is useful for those that employ flat view.

Changes since Opera 9.52
User Interface

* Opera now remembers the bookmark panel position after restart
* Added a setting opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowBookmarksInAddressfieldAutocompletion to prevent bookmarks from showing in the Address field auto-completion drop-down
* When setting opera:config#TransferWindow|KeepEntriesDays to 0, Opera now removes the transfer history when restarting
* The new Opera Scrollmaker will indicate the previous position of the bottom or top of the page after a scroll action, and needs to be enabled with opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableScrollMarker
o Value 0 means: off
o Value 1 means: show when reaching the bottom or top of the page, and when the last scroll action scrolls less than a full page's amount
o Value 2 means: always show when scrolling
Once enabled, it will indicate the position of the bottom or top of the page before a scroll action is initiated
* Sites using HTTP Auth are now saved in typed history
* Opera now stops loading pages with iframes when closing the page or pressing stop
* The document property has been removed from iframe objects for compatibility with Gecko, WebKit, and the Acid3 test
* The fraud protection dialog now works when using a proxy

Mail, News, Chat

* The account settings dialog can now be configured to prevent IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) accounts from downloading attachments until requested by a user
* Fixed open/save of images in Opera Mail when using the image context menu
* Made all top-level access points (except All Messages) selectable

Display and Scripting

* Fixed a problem where dynamically added xml-stylesheet processing instructions were ignored
* Added support for the caller property on functions:


* Added Core version (currently "Presto/2.1.1") to the User Agent header

Windows-specific changes

* Fixed text input on Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005

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