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Opera 7.52

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Opera 7.52  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed a URI obfuscation weakness enabling impersonation of legitimate web sites. Illegal characters in addresses will be stripped. This addresses Security Focus Bugtraq ID #10517.
  • Solved frame injection vulnerability that allowed for spoofing (Secunia Advisory SA11978).
  • Solved certificate verification problem.

  • Changed search.ini to ensure correct default dictionary and encyclopedia searches. On how to protect customized files from being overwritten, see Release Note.
  • Changed main toolbar. Now includes options Open, Save, Print, Find, Home, Panels, Tile, and Cascade.
  • Various stability and rendering improvements.
  • \"Show in\" submenu for messages now has nested display of nested filters.
  • Corrected message reply behavior when View > Encoding is set to autodetect.
  • Fixed SSL renegotiation problem causing login trouble on certain secure sites.
  • Solved issue concerning JavaScript method \"confirm()\".
  • Various encoding-related improvements to accommodate Japanese language version.

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