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Opera 11.10 Beta 1 (Build 2048)

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Opera 11.10 Beta 1 (Build 2048)  غير المفتاح

# User interface
* Improvements
- Added Speed Dial animations
- Improvements made to the Speed Dial flow layout
- Added button to configure Speed Dial
- Added ability to set the number of Speed Dial columns (automatic by default)
- Speed Dial can now be zoomed
- Added a new dialog when adding/editing Speed Dials
- Now possible to add a custom title to Speed Dials, through the new add/edit dialog
- Added feature discoverability improvements
- Improved the bookmarks bar skin
- Use black underline for IME candidates
- Added the UAC shield to the auto-update install button
- "Save file" dialog is now using the new style dialog in Windows Vista/7
- Updated styling for internal pages, and search suggestions on error pages
- Removed "Yes/No" choice from the intranet toolbar; made the suggested url clickable
- Prevent third party applications from hijacking searches and other customizations in Opera
- Windows installer now having an option to remove a profile when uninstalling
- Improved strings and translations
- Configure Speed Dial dialogue: remove the cross button (close) at top right
* Fixes
- Wand corruption occurring when changing master password with specific wand data
- Auto-complete not remembering https protocol
- Crash when changing to an alternate stylesheet via a keyboard shortcut
- Tab becoming unpinned after opening the Save As dialog
- Generated feeds page still using -o-text-overflow:ellipsis
- Wrong background and border color occurring for dropdowns for high contrast operating system themes
- Overlaid page information window being incorrectly displayed on blank pages
- Opera using the latest session for startup instead of the one it is supposed to use
- A ghost window is created when restarting with a floating Panel
- Edit functions not working from the Opera menu button
- Floating panels with the Info panel being activated are covered with a white box on restart
- Go back to Speed Dial using right click-left click loads the start page
- Check marks being inconsistent in View > Encoding
- Potential crash occurring when deleting private data
- Address field misbehaving when changing focus
- Ctrl + Shift + V opening in a new background tab
- New Home url not upgrading when the old url is written in preferences
- Paste&go into an empty tab bar only opens a new empty tab
- History being lost for Speed Dial tabs
- In auto-update, a pending auto-update should not start if the user has manually upgraded Opera in the meantime
- Opera does not get an updated browser.js or override_downloaded.ini for the new version of Opera immediately after auto-updating
- When auto-updating, do not install old updates
- Crash when saving a bookmarks file
- Not being able to connect directly to an Opera Unite instance
- Bookmarks in the bookmarks menu not being able to be right-clicked
- In auto-update, ask before installing an update
- Prevent Opera from opening an infinite number of tabs when a MIME type is set to use Opera's executable as an external application
- Menu button being misplaced in a restored window when Tab bar is set to wrap to multiple lines
- Opera's tooltip appearing in front of another application's tooltip, when a hovered element has a mouse event listener
- Multiple lines getting selected in Advanced Preferences - Storage
- A cut string in the startup dialog in some languages
- Search engines with non-ASCII characters in the address not working
- Rocker gesture actions being displayed in the mouse gesture UI
- www.http// added to urls when urls are opened from auto complete dropdown in the url field
- Crash when pressing Save in the internal source viewer
- In Image Properties, exposure time being sometimes slightly off
- Pasting copied cells from Excel into body of text/html compose body inserts table markup without opening and closing table tags (StartFragment and EndFragment)
- Picasa not starting properly when called by Opera
- Opera's submenus not appearing on hover
- NPAPI plug-ins not being detected
- Windows Classic native skin uses black text on dark progress bar in the address field
- Mouse panning stops working
- Drag and drop to the Attachments field opening files in Opera on Windows
- Transfers disappearing when closing a private tab
- Zoom in shortcut (Ctrl + Plus) not working on keyboard locales where you need a shift modifier to type a plus
- Crash with changing icon extension on extender menu
- Missing privacy checkboxes for extension being opened in dev mode
- Allow cancelling onkeydown for all keys (not just arrow keys, backspace, etc.)
- Plug-ins causing Opera to not shut down
- Overlay dialogs having broken alpha transparency on close animation
- Speed Dial fixes:
> Speed Dial background image becomes enabled after every Opera upgrade
> Zooming when typing + or - in the Speed Dial search field
> Make the Add Speed Dial dialog skinnable
> Let sites reload Speed Dials using the "Preview-refresh: seconds" HTTP, or <meta http-equiv="preview-refresh" content="seconds">
> Using thumbnail friendly content when available
> Opera hanging or crashing when editing/deleting Speed Dial cells in multiple windows at the same time
> Page title being shown on top of thumbnail when hovering background tabs with thumbnail previews enabled
> Duplicate dials occurring on upgrade
- Wininstaller fixes:
> Failure to modify the registry named Software\Classes\Opera.HTML\FriendlyTypeName; error code: 39 or 40
> When the installer cannot find a shortcut for a second Opera install, the installer bails out
> Error code 14 occurring on installing/upgrading
> Respecting the language choice made in the installer and change Opera's language
> Error on installing Opera; error code 89
> Error 76 when upgrading from Opera 11.00 to Opera 11.01
> Error code 17 when upgrading from MSI
> Installer fails if it cannot check if a shortcut exists or not; error 68
> Crash when upgrading to Opera 11.01
> Wrong language being used after autoupdate to Opera 11.01
> Uninstaller randomly freezing
> Cancel button being active in autoupdate dialog when upgrading from MSI to new installer
> Uninstaller not asking for reason for uninstalling
> Pixelated installer icon occurring on Windows 7 taskbar
> Back button missing from the Options page
> Opera sometimes failing to set itself as default when installing for current user
> Size of checkbox field being too small for a translation of the remove profile option

# Display and scripting
* Improvements
- Added support for image naturalWidth naturalHeight
- Moved the accesskey attribute to HTMLElement (HTML5)
- Implemented the W3C Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
- Added support for the BeforeCSS/AfterCSS events
- Added audio/x-midi to the list of MIDI MIME types
- Implemented mouseenter and mouseleave events from DOM3 Events
- Implemented onfocusin/onfocusout events
- Implemented the W3C CSS Viewports specification
- Added support to Opera extensions for debugging of isolated userjs
- Improved Opera spatial navigation on complex sites (like Facebook)
- Improved the image viewer
- Various improvements to Opera Turbo
- Updated strings and translations
* Fixes
- Cancelling onkeydown not also cancelling keypress
- onBlur attribute of an HTML form input field not triggering when focus moves to a different frame
- Opera not supporting multiple rels for LINK
- event.offsetX for mouse events returning "distance from previous whitespace" rather than "distance for target box origin"
- nbsp entity in form element value being submitted as space
- Mouse or keyboard scrolling should be allowed when scrolling=no is set on frame / iframe
- Empty selection must not have any ranges
- tBodies DOM 1 method returning nested tBodies
- Being unable to place the cursor in an empty selection
- .start returning 0 instead of 1 for <ol start="bogus">
- Plug-in object with display block not initializing until paint is triggered
- The input event being dispatched on cut
- xpath engine allowing only 100 predicates in xpath expressions
- prototype must be DontEnum for exposed DOM interfaces
- Incorrect scrolling in "find" when there are inline elements in preformatted text
- type set to the empty string does not load the style sheet
- window.CanvasPixelArray being undefined
- window.ImageData not being prototypable
- Inability to type @ in a transparent Flash text field
- body.background not being able to return full URL of the background image
- Accesskey clicking disabled buttons
- XMLHttpRequest specification being violated when calling send() from a non-opened state does not throw
- Applying vertical-align on an inline-block misplaces it if there is a positioned sibling
- Missing new-script event when scripts are in HTML attributes while working in Opera Dragonfly
- Bold fonts not being properly rendered when there is no bold font file available
- HTMLScriptElement.text shows source of external script, not element contents
- Selecting being broken when used in an upward direction
- self.location (in Web Workers) not taking redirects into account
- Skip collapsed text when extracting selected text and in document edit mode
- Inability to type in Flash text fields
- Thai word wrap not working
- Login problems with Java occurring when in
- Default to "ask user" instead of doing nothing if a plug-in for a filetype is not available
- Seeking in a paused <video> should remove poster frame
- Entities thinsp, ensp, and emsp not being displayed correctly
- DOCTYPE not being generated correctly
- Streaming multiple, identical plug-in streams randomly fails
- <applet> ends up with type parameter after parsing
- scroll event not being fired on document
- Wrong value returned from offsetWidth, offsetHeight in DOMContentLoaded event
- Collapsed range not collapsing after being added to a selection
- Rule with no declarations missing in Opera Dragonfly
- Scrolling a block scrolls the plugin content
- Previous scroll position being restored after interacting with the page while reloading (after having gone back in history)
- Nested ternary operator failing during JIT
- Not waiting for layout if a script tries to read computed height and an external CSS is still loading
- Not being able to post comments or login to
- Google virtual keyboard being broken; moving a position:fixed element up or left leaves artifacts
- Crash during a shutdown procedure
- onhashchange event property being on document instead of window
- browser.js failing if a User JavaScript file path does not exist
- Not being able to delete a list, only its contents, in a contentEditable / designMode document
- The player on not working in Opera
- ce-html mime type not being handled by Opera (so the page is downloaded)
- Page being loaded from the cache after changing from a lower protocol to higher protocol
- not working; script cannot read value correctly from a previously hidden textarea
- Document.onload not being fired when loading with async=false (Citibank Singapore Credit Cards Application Forms not visible)
- Opera not parsing WML files when content-type is missing
- Opera displaying the content of files that are served as application/octect-stream
- Using an anchor to determine correct position during mouse dragging
- log-in not working if script assigns javascript: URLs to window.location; run them after current thread
- No change event occurring on hidden file input; photo upload broken on
- Positioned child with top and bottom set not adjusting to a container's height
- Inability to remove contenteditable="false" content from inside a contenteditable="true" element
- Hash not being updated after a redirect
- Canvas shadowBlur with clipping causes artifacts and a crash
- A CSS string tokenization issue
- -o-transform does not recognize functions with whitespace occurring before arguments
- :active state being dropped if mouse is moved away from an element with the button being pressed
- Unchanged location.hash triggering onhashchange (location.hash = location.hash)
- Classes in content added via importNode not being recognized
- Operator '=' of XPath behaving incorrectly (case insensitive)
- Multiple files from one input not being handled by PHP due to multipart/mixed MIME with sub-parts for each file
- Crash on closing a tab with a plug-in
- Problem selecting origin and destination in the left combo menus; extending SELECT with select.length+=1 fails
- First scroll event being sent to the window instead of the scrollable area
- In Opera Dragonfly, sending the file name of user scripts through scope in OnNewScript
- Find in page not scrolling to show search hits in frames
- link.focus() not removing focus from the rich text editor
- Calling body.focus() on an editable body from a button onclick event fails
- Removing a widget cache folder just after widget uninstall
- webpage missing menues in Opera; element.children exists in XML documents, but is broken
- not allowing Opera to show its subordinate contents
- <video> containing poster not resizing
- <video> with broken poster not reverting to show the video
- Clicking a <button> fires a focus event and a blur event
- Opera spatial navigation on elements with overlapping rectangles and event handlers not descending in the tree
- Zooming in Opera Show mode causes incorrect scroll position
- Geolocation notifier not being shown again, once a window with a notifier is closed without answering
- hasProperty/hasMethod check not occurring before setting property/method on NPObject
- <video poster> not reappearing after calling load()
- In Opera Dragonfly, opera.scopeCreateClient(): onconnected callback never gets called when connected to a remote host
- Incorrect computed style for text-overflow
- Parsing of empty Geolocation reponse from Gelocation server (over IPv6)
- Double clicking on a content window while a HTTPS site is loading, loads the home page
- In Opera User preferences, "Allow Autofocus Form Element=0" should additionally disable handling focus sent on synthetic events
- Crash when handling a plugin event when a plug-in fails
- Server highlighting for urls containing ":" in a fragment
- Quirks mode parsing of color values on setting property
- Opera returning data for width and height attributes on <canvas> using getAttribute when they are unset or empty
- Admit cloning of object DAGs involving host objects
- input[type=color] accepting any input unlike date, datetime-local, number, week, month
- RegularExpressionLiterals not being re-evaluated to create new objects within a loop
- Text not being base-aligned in text areas
- When scrolling inside a scrollable container, enable the scrolled-to element to be outside of view
- Crash when clearing the undo/redo stack after typing in Hebrew
- Slowdown on hovering a document with positioned iframes with visibility: hidden
- Eval having an unnecessary hard limit of 64 imported variables
- Date header from server later being sent in an If-Range header
- relative position on a link or its parent disables clickability
- console.log not printing to the Error Console
- HTMLElement getting garbage collected, causing a custom property to cease existing on
- Incorrect value being computed if there is a space character before a hash in a color definition
- Value being lost on setting the indexed property of an external plug-in object; player not loading
- Overflow hidden container being scrolled when clicking button
- Malware check not ignoring intranet URIs
- Several memory usage errors
- Opera freezing on some Turkish websites
- "Execute program" concluding a line of parameters in quotes
- Incorrect redrawing of a page when displaying the tooltip and scrolling
- Geolocation module initialisation taking too long to startup
- Failed repaint when removing fixed positioned element that overlaps body padding/margin
- Fixed positioned elements not invalidated properly when being removed
- Incorrect parsing of a JavaScript array literal
- Content with position: fixed and top placement not being hidden
- Top menu sometimes disappears when clicking buttons on Google docs
- Dynamically setting display:none not properly repainting a fixed-position descendant
- Setting ancestor to visibility:hidden not redrawing a position:fixed element (redrawing error on
- Cookies on localhost not being returned by GetCookie (Cookie-Manager service)
- Pasting from right-click menu creates unformatted text inside formatted blocks with CKEditor
- Opera crashing while using spatial navigation on a page
- HTML5 video crashes when files are being hosted on an FTP server
- document.write from a timed script clearing the page
- Doing location.replace on iframe and reading out iframe's document before load, fails on
- Adding a command to get a resource id with an URL in the resource service for Opera DragonFly
- Many CSS3 cursors not displaying on Windows
- Crash when extensions need HTTP Auth after a restart
- Enable Cookies DNS Check default is set to true, should be false
- 100% cpu usage occurring when installing application cache on
- Crash when loading
- "work offline" conflicting with "application cache"
- Some sites flicker when loading plug-ins
- Application cache not being detected for explicit cache entries when loaded outside of the application cache
- UserJS code not running in extensions if page does not include a script tag
- Links in extension pages not working when trying to open extension-internal urls in new windows
- The extension background process reloading correctly and without crashing
- Extension pages being allowed to navigate to other extension-internal pages via the location object
- Extension-related windows with scriptless documents not being closed when the extension is disabled
- Widget Interface not being exposed on the UserJS side of extensions
- The console object in Web Workers not logging anything to the error console
- Tab urls exposed from extensions not including the url's fragment identifier
- Caret placement at line ends being broken in contentEditable <pre> tags; wrapped lines case that caused problems in M2
- The background process being allowed to navigate away from the extension's index.html
- Ease-in transition goes out of range when second transition overrides it near the end
- Crash when getting color from -o-skin

# Mail, news, chat
* Improvements
- Added support for phrase searching
- Improved CJK searches
- Improvements made to the panel, including a setting to disable automatic toggling
* Fixes
- Running javascript url even though it is being replaced by a form submit; an issue with Yandex Mail
- While surfing in a private window, Opera Mail links open in a non-private tab
- Not being able to change mail signature from HTML to plain text
- POP3 causing a crash on exit
- Mail label being created from "save search" also shows non-matching messages that are received after the label is created
- Sorting message list by label not working
- "Label As" submenu from the mail body context menu showing an empty label list
- Crash after opening the mail window in a separate tab
- "Sent" view under POP access point showing sent messages for all accounts that use the same SMTP server
- POP "Inbox" view not being updated after a restart
- Crash occurring on exit, with either POP or mailing list/feed folders
- "Saved search" labels being removed after a second restart
- IPv6 connection failures occurring on Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD
- Progress bar percentage going haywire when importing a large mbox
- Rounded corners on the "No message selected" Mail/Feeds page
- Opening a feed tab also opens the Mail panel
- Moving mouse in the new mail panel while in drag state not scrolling the super scrollbar
- Hovering over collapsed access point in new mail panel while in drag state should expand the access point, so you can continue dragging to a view
- Crash when entering a feed, deleting the feed, and clicking a column header
- Feed labels not showing in message list after a restart
- Log files being stored in the wrong location
- Double quotes should search for the whole phrase in Mail
- Pressing Enter when composing HTML mails sometimes has large line spacing
- Zooming in/out of print preview crashed Opera
- Crash on saving label for search in all messages

# Miscellaneous
* Improvements
- Improved (cold) startup performance on machines with slower disks

# Network
* Improvements
- Improved HTTPS-Proxy-CONNECT requests (as in other browsers)
- Improved SSL and TLS
- Illegal URLs are now treated in a user-friendly way
- Improved our content-type detention algorithm (implemented ideas from Media Type Sniffing draft-abarth-mime-sniff-05
- Moved Accept to compose-request and enabled it using */* on a second request
- Removed the Accept-Charset header from HTTP requests
- Improved pipelining
- Improved pubsuffix
- Improved Cookie handling
- Improved traversal in terms of elements/objects in the document and their location searching
* Fixes
- http refresh causing internal communication error
- Connection being closed by remote server on with corrupted application_cache

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