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Opera 7.10

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Opera 7.10  غير المفتاح

M2, Opera\'s new e-mail and news client
  • New options in mailbox menu View > Display:
    • Automatically mark messages as read after [x] seconds (only active in views where read messages are shown)
    • \"Suppress external embeds\" (defaults to \"On\" like previous versions of Opera, to prevent spam-verification)
  • When using \"Mark all as read\" on an access point, M2 will now only mark messages as read that are actually visible in the access point (not hidden newsgroup messages for instance)
  • Space bar navigation. Space bar is page down. After reaching the bottom of the message, mark it as read and go to the next unread message. If there are no more unread messages, go to the next normal read message.
  • M2 remembers sorting of e-mail messages between sessions
  • Columns in the message list can be resized
  • Improved status indication
  • Keyboard navigation: F7 focuses Hotlist panel, F8 focuses message list, F9 focuses message view
  • \"Inherit filter from parent\" added to filters, limits filtering to messages contained in the parent view (for nested views)
  • IMAA-support (solves problems with Unicode in incoming from addresses)
  • Changing from \"Folders\" to \"Views\" in personal access points to avoid confusion; \"Copy to\" is changed to \"Show in\"

User interface features
  • Added a cookie manager
  • Added a Wand manager
  • Added Notes panel to the Hotlist, to store text snippets easily. Text on a webpage copied directly to a note (Copy to note, Ctrl+Shift+C) becomes a special web note. Double clicking the note opens the original web page. The lower pane is a text field where you can edit the selected note real-time. No saving is needed.
  • Added Page info panel to the Hotlist
  • Improved FastForward function
    • Everything is now defined in fastforward.ini
    • FastForward can now be used as a \"slide show\" on galleries, like
    • When spacing to the bottom of page, invoke FastForward
  • Added .shtml as extension for HTML documents in addition to .htm and .html, since shtml is commonly used by web servers
  • It is now possible to change view style of bookmarks, both in the Hotlist and in the Bookmark manager dialog
  • Support for an alternative Ctrl+tab mode
  • Export bookmarks file as HTML
  • Enhanced tooltips for bookmarks and Page bar tabs, also status bar text shown
  • Added Rewind button to jump back quickly. Return to manually entered addresses, a previously visited server when a link has gone off-site, or the first URL loaded, in the current window.
  • Support for downloading setup files for menus and keyboard shortcuts. If the server returns content-type \"application/x-opera-configuration-menu\" or \"application/x-opera-configuration-keyboard\" or \"application/x-opera-configuration-mouse\" and the file has the \"ini\" extension, Opera will download and install the menu, keyboard or mouse gestures setup directly
  • The \"Go to\" dialog (F2) fills in the last used address
  • Show minimized pages if the page bar is off
  • Various fixes for floating hotlist
  • Support for opening session files (win files) from the Hotlist and the address bar
  • Progress bar:
    • Is now skinable
    • Options for location of progress bar
  • Option to open pages as 1) Always maximized, 2) Remember last size/position, 3) Always cascade
  • A clock can be added to toolbars (from the Customize toolbars dialog)
  • New mouse gestures: right+Up for FastForward and left+Down for Rewind

Accessibility features
  • Pressing the down arrow in a single line edit field (in forms for example) will now open a dropdown menu with personal info and all notes. Similiarly, pressing down in the To, Cc and Bcc fields in the message compose window opens the same kind of menu as pressing the To, Cc and Bcc buttons.
  • Added user controlled scaling of skin images
  • New keyboard shortcuts: Shift+X and Shift+Z for FastForward and Rewind. Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 focuses the Hotlist panels in position 1 to 9.

More features
  • The Transfer panel now contains two columns, where the last toggles between filesize and progress
  • Preferences dialogs improved
  • Various improvements to the Wand (save for page or entire server)
  • Added a \"Manage contacts\" dialog
  • Improved bookmark import
  • The new \"Setup manager\" offers a choice of skins and toolbars on the first run of Opera

  • :hover and :active now only apply to links (as in, hover and/or active without any other selector)
  • Support for actions in bookmark folders
  • Fixed a hang on pages that use percentage height on replaced content in tables
  • Plugins: avoid JavaScript url loading when JavaScript is switched off
  • Made it possible to tab to the Hotlist selector
  • Fix for @media handheld (which can be used to override SSR)
  • Fix for accepting lowercase only tags in XHTML
  • A number of crash fixes
  • A number of focus fixes

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