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Opera 9.60 Beta (Build 10439)

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Opera 9.60 Beta (Build 10439)  غير المفتاح

# Fixed the Dragonfly crash
# Improved performance with large wand.dat files
# Don't highlight script focused elements
# Stability fixes
# Feed preview pages now load properly when reopened from trash
# Fixed syncing of removed labels in Mail
# Fixed an issue where the mail signatures wouldn't change if the default account signature ended with a space
# Fixed an issue where sent message bodies could disappear under certain circumstances
# Made Mail cope better with broken POP servers that send empty message UIDLs
# Made sure Mail respects the "Large font" setting for mail subjects
# Fixed an issue where feed titles were truncated before ":" characters
# Fixed a problem where mails would be reported as incomplete when the server reports the wrong message size
# Fixed importing of mail files with LF line endings only
# Disabled indexing of HTML and CSS in feeds
# Fixed an issue where feed status could get stuck on fetching
# Made sure filters created by IMAP keywords are saved on exit
# Made form buttons with zero padding prettier on Mac
# Fixed an issue where opening the Java Console would freeze Opera on Mac
# Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be lost when using certain characters
# Various Opera Link fixes
# Feeds are now detected even when served as text/html
# Fixed dataloss situation when note folders had more than one line in their name
# Fixed saving of svg when right clicking
# Fixed spurious highlighting when using the space character in inline find
# Upgrading Opera on Debian no longer resets default x-www-browser

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