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mIRC 3.6

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mIRC 3.6  غير المفتاح

  • Highlight Box around an Icon now turns green if a highlighted word is spoken in a window.
  • Fixed Ping Pong bug which was preventing lines from being sent properly to the server.
  • Fixed Editbox/Colours bug in Extras dialog.
  • Inserting blank lines in Remote/events/aliases between commands would lead to loss of following definitions.
  • Channel list window would clear if you disconnected and then connected again.
  • Aliases, Remote Users, Commands, and Events definitions are now unlimited. ie. you can have as many as you want, however the limitation is the size of the editbox (around 30k?).
  • Fixed font dialog bug when tabbing with cursor keys.
  • Popups are still limited to 300 menuitems for each popup menu.
  • Max. length of a line in aliases, remote, and popups is approx. 600 chars. Same applies to lines in the Options dialog.
  • Now allows a non-op to change topic in channel dialog.
  • Fixed :) bug.
  • Fixed /auser /guser bug.
  • Fixed /channel dialog title bug.
  • Added a simple NON-configurable toolbar with tooltips. A Configurable toolbar would take a lot of work, so I probably won\'t get around to adding it (so don\'t ask! :)
  • Fixed ctcp PING reply missing a Ctrl-A at the end (?)
  • Specifying a /who *146.219* numerical address would mess up because the *1 is a parameter specifier. mIRC now checks to see if there is a . in the number, and if so it doesnt try to expand it.
  • /play command can now play single lines randomly picked from a file (a specific line can also be specified). The format is: /play [-crl] [channel/nick] [delay/linenumber] Using -r means pick a line randomly, using -l means pick a specific line specified by linenumber. The first line in the file MUST specify the number of lines in the file. Any *1 $1 etc. identifiers CANNOT be used in the played line.
  • Added $read identifier which picks a line randomly from a file.
    eg. /say $read c:\\funny.txt
    /kick # $1 $read c:\\kicks.txt
    The first line in the file MUST specify the number of lines in the file. $read will insert ANY text, even commands with identifiers, and these will work like normal commands.
  • Added Fast Send checkbox to DCC Send dialog.
  • Fixed scrolling keys in Channel list and finger windows.
  • Made Font list longer in font dialog.
  • Added auto-join on invite option to options dialog. An auto-joined channel is initially minimized (this might not always work for various reasons...)
  • Added Function key support F1 to F12. Define in the alias window like a normal alias for example:
    /F1 /say Hello!
    /F5 /query $1 (for use on nick listbox in channel window)
  • Font width measurement for copy/paste wasn\'t correct for certain types of fonts.
  • Fixed problem with minimized windows being sized wrongly.
  • Fixed /channel bug. Now times out after 30 seconds, at which point another /channel can be issued. BUT if the old /channel command is replied to, your status window will fill up with ban list information for that channel. No way around this I\'m afraid!

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