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mIRC 6.0

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mIRC 6.0  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed /filter numeric sorting bug.
  • Fixed $hget().data bug.
  • Fixed Nick color listbox display bug.
  • Fixed $mask() not handling masked address.
  • Channel nick list is now cleared when you disconnect from a server and you have keep channels open enabled.
  • Added /flush -l switch, removes only the specified levels from entries in the user list, instead of removing the entries.
  • Added $mnick back, returns your primary nickname.
  • The max cps fserve option now allows a dcc send to use up the full max cps if no other dccs are using the bandwidth.
  • Speeded up the way the servers list is handled in many routines, including identifiers such as $server().
  • Fixed mIRC not processing ports correctly in server definition if password contains a - character.
  • Improved the way /dcc get works, now also allows you to redirect a file to any folder.
  • Fixed switchbar display bug with overlapping buttons.
  • Fixed topic text being highglighted in channel central when dialog is displayed.
  • mIRC now recognizes MS IRC Server 6.0 as IRCX.
  • Fixed /whois, etc. bug in query windows which was causing a command to use the wrong nickname.
  • Fixed /drawrect -d bug.
  • Fixed /filter not working with local aliases.
  • Fixed $! not being passed in $iif() call.
  • Added /notify -l switch to list notify entries.
  • Added dialog -l table definition switch, makes a dialog table local, now also looks for dialog table in the active remote file before searching through all others.
  • Added command line switch -nouninst which prevents mIRC from adding an uninstall item to the control panel add/remove dialog.
  • Fixed switchbar, in left/right position, not displaying partial button at bottom.
  • Fixed selecting MDI window menu item in tray menu not redisplaying mIRC window properly.
  • Open Folder button in DCC Get dialog is now enabled even if transfer fails.
  • Fixed #$N- bug.
  • Added /ial [on | off] back for users who need to disable the IAL.
  • Fixed monitor file changes option not working with LFNs.
  • File/Folder dialogs and sub-dialogs no longer show mIRC in titlebar.
  • Uninstaller now deletes files in the root mIRC folder only and not in sub-folders.
  • Added Reset default size option to nicklist dialog.
  • Wheel mouse now scrolls listbox without it needing focus.
  • Added set/use default options to system menu background popup.
  • Fixed window tiling overlap bug.
  • Added \'flat\' and multi\' styles to custom dialog button control.
  • Can now create a second editbox on channel windows, via the channel window system menu and right-click menu in editbox. You can use Alt+Q to show/hide the editbox.

    Also added Tab key changes editbox focus to General dialog, makes it easier to switch to the second editbox. The tab key still works as nick/channel/etc. completion if cursor is next to a word.

    If enabled, you need to use Shift-Tab to cycle between the list of nicks that messaged you.

  • Blink feature now only blinks icons for query/chat windows, and on channels or the message window only if a highlight event was triggered.
  • Fixed /exit not closing mIRC if Editor dialog is open.
  • Updated color dialog, also added inactive editbox option.
  • A dcc resume now chops off the last 8192 bytes of a file in case the end of the file was corrupted during a previous transfer.
  • Added /tnick command, changes to a temporary nickname without affecting your main and alternate nickname settings.
  • $window(-3).dw/dh now return the display area of the MDI window.
  • Fixed Alt+N key bug which would cause it stop working in some situations.
  • Fixed /hadd gpf when insufficient parameters were used.
  • Can now use \\ to escape a literal character in $regsub() in the substitution expression.
  • Added /links -nx switches, opens links window minimized or maximized.
  • Added \'nowrap\' property to custom dialog text controls.
  • Can now specify ange N N for custom dialog scroll control.
  • Fixed /dialog bug preventing you from creating more than one modal custom dialog.
  • Fixed a bug in my socket random port selection routine.
  • Fixed /load -rs \\path\\to\\script.mrc not loading the script.
  • Fixed /echo -h bug.
  • Fixed /server gpf bug with long server names.
  • If the auto-close dcc send/get options are enabled and you manually click the cancel button in dcc send/get windows, they are no longer auto-closed.
  • Fixed $snicks error message, and it no longer halts a script if used on a non-channel window.
  • /renwin now allows you to change the window name even if it\'s the same name but different case.
  • Away messages for a nick are now displayed in their associated query window if it is the currently active window.
  • mIRC will no longer rejoin an open channel window if you disconnect and then connect to a different network.
  • Added /pvoice command, works the same as /pop but for +v modes.
  • Fixed nick color list bug, was coloring nicknames incorrectly if your ignore/op/voice/etc. lists where not enabled.
  • Hotlink now works for all channel names in channel windows.
  • Fixed bug with /play -e option processing | separator in text.
  • Added internal support for +d channel mode for hybrid6 servers.
  • Fixed $cnick().method bug.
  • Added $awaymsg and $awaytime to return away status when used with $away identifier.
  • Added /window -B switch to prevent custom @window editbox from using a border.
  • Fixed $nick().color not working correctly when used with the \'aohvr\' mode parameters.
  • $readn is now correctly reset on a failed $read.
  • Fixed $remove() not working if a $null substring was specified.
  • mIRC no longer includes the >N parameter in a /LIST if N is zero. This allows it to list registered channels with no users.
  • /channel request now has a time-out again.
  • Fixed /flash -rN, now repeats flash only N times.
  • The nick color list now allows you to prioritize the list, so mIRC no longer determines the best match by itself, it will use the first match it finds in the list.
  • Added support for server redirection numeric 10.
  • Fixed Position Reset menu item not working correctly if window desktop/mdi position changed.
  • Fixed bug with +channel windows.
  • Added /remove -b switch, deletes file and places it in the recycle bin.
  • Improved $rand() behaviour.
  • Added /if islower/isupper comparison.
  • Added WMA/OGG support to sounds dialog, /splay and /sound commands, and added new identifiers.

    Returns information about the specified file if a filename was specified, or the associated folder for a filename or file type, where type can be wave, midi, mp3, wma, ogg.

    When used with an mp3 files it supports the same properties as $mp3().

    Note: this replaces $wavedir, $mididir, $mp3dir, and $mp3(). These are still supported for now but no longer documented.

    $insong Returns information about the mp3, wma, or ogg file that is being played, same properties as $inmp3.

    Note: this replaces $inmp3, which is still supported for now but no longer documented.

  • /alias now replaces an existing alias without changing it\'s position in the script.
  • Added Trusted Users list to DCC Auto-get options dialog.
  • Changed behaviour of #channel name tab completion to include currently open channels.
  • Custom dialog size now takes account of menubar height.
  • Added $timestampfmt to return options dialog timestamp format.
  • Fixed Shift+Control+V pasting text twice.
  • Fixed /renwin not allowing custom menus to work with new window name.
  • All internal joins and names now use the /join and /names commands to allow scripts to over-ride the default behaviour.
  • Added $send()/$get() .resume property returns resume position.
  • Added fast screen update back to options/display dialog.
  • Fixed /links gpf bug with long server addresses.
  • Added minimize button to dcc chat accept dialog which also has default focus.
  • Log files now include a Session ident at the start of the log, with the name of the window being logged.
  • Fixed /channel behaviour when used on an open channel window from which you were kicked.
  • Fixed window positioning bug when Windows Taskbar wsa on the left side of the desktop.
  • Incoming dcc get files are now flushed to disk every 500k.
  • Fixed remote script popup menus not being merged properly.
  • Added case-sensitive option to Highlight dialog items.
  • Added Message Window double-click item to Mouse dialog.
  • Added $color().dd property, returns double digit format.
  • Fixed fserve cd/get bug.
  • Fixed $base() not handling fractions properly.
  • Fixed Save As bug in Script editor dialog when over-writing an existing file.
  • Firewall can now be enabled separately for server and dcc connections.
  • Added signalling commands and events which allow you to trigger signal events in scripts:

    /signal -n [parameters]

    By default the signal is triggered after all current scripts have finished executing. You can use -n to make the script trigger immediately.

    on *:signal:name:echo Received signal: $signal Parameters: $1-

    The name can contain wildcards.

    The script that called /signal is triggered first, and then all other scripts are triggered.

  • Fixed dcc send/get/chat beeping on completion when you had your Sounds disabled in the Options/Sounds dialog.
  • mIRC now strips out tab characters from filenames.
  • $input() now allows $null for all parameters except prompt.
  • Fixed dcc chat ignore all option bug.
  • Fixed bug where on DNS event triggered for DNS requests not made by the /dns command.
  • Added $dns(N) identifier, used in the on DNS event to list the address that was resolved and any associated IP addresses.

    Properties: nick, addr, ip. $dns(N) without a property returns the address being resolved. You can use N = 0 to return number of IP addresses found.

    Note: the old identifiers $iaddress, $naddress, and $raddress are still supported but are no longer listed in the help file.

  • Added $ignore().secs property, returns number of seconds until ignore is removed if /ignore -uN was used.
  • Can now use $null as third parameter in $dll() identifier.
  • Added /echo -g switch, prevents line from being logged to logfile, and /echo -r switch which applies the strip settings in the Options, Messages dialog.
  • Fixed script menus not working when first line of menu definition was empty.
  • Fixed mIRC not handling multiple numeric 005\'s correctly.
  • Custom dialog limit N option now works in combo editbox.
  • Added /hadd -z switch, decreases hash item once per second until it reaches zero and then unsets it. Also added commands:

    /hinc -smbczuN [data | &binvar]
    /hdec -smbczuN [data | &binvar]

    Switches are the same as /hadd, except for -c which increases or decreases the value once per second.

    Also added $hget().unset property, returns time remaining before item is unset.

  • Fixed dcc send/get windows sometimes not showing 100% completion after a transfer has completed.
  • Changed highlight dialog item Flash N times to apply to both the number of times mIRC flashes and plays the flash sound.
  • DCC chats now display the time the connection was initiated in the DCC Chat Session line.
  • Changed the way /set -u0 works slightly.
  • Fixed $eval() not handling values containing commas properly.
  • When running under XP, mIRC now uses the XP theme for dialogs, buttons, etc.
  • Can now change nicknames in options dialog while connected.
  • Added $stripped identifier, returns number of BURK codes that were stripped from an incoming message, if any.
  • Extended /socklist [-tul] [name], allows you to list open tcp, udp, or listening sockets, as well as sockets matching the specified wildcard name.
  • While loops now works properly even if {} enclosing brackets aren\'t used.
  • Fixed /queryrn, was allowing you to change the name of any window not just query windows.
  • The retry options in the connect/options dialog now have their own dialog.
  • The /clearall command no longer clears custom @windows, only status, channel, and query windows.
  • Fixed display of $+ string too long error message.
  • The /alias command can now handle LFNs in quotes.
  • Added $cmdline identifier, returns command line passed to mIRC when it is first run.
  • Auto-join on invite now uses channel\'s password from channels folder if it is listed in the folder.
  • The Logging to message now shows the full logfile name.
  • Fixed $chan().ial issue, I\'ve added a separate $chan().inwho property. $chan.ial will still return $inwho for now but will not do so in future versions of mIRC.
  • /filter now allows you to use -l to read from a channel nickname listbox.
  • Fixed $timer().reps returning negative value in some situations.
  • Fixed $read and $readini bug.
  • /cnick * N now sets the Any mode/No mode switches if no mode is specified, and *!*@* now matches any nickname.
  • Fixed bug with full exception list not being displayed in channel central dialog.
  • Popup menus now allow menu headers without a sub-menu.
  • The control dialog lists, ie. ignore, voice, protect, op, are now stored in a control.ini file, separate from mirc.ini.
  • Fixed servers.ini processing bug, mIRC was unable to read server entries which didn\'t specify a port number.
  • Fixed $dll() not correctly handling partial paths in filenames.
  • Fixed $result not being reset to an empty value when /return $null is used.
  • Added logging dialog make folder option to network option.
  • Added retry delay option to Retry connect dialog.
  • It is no longer possible to enter editbox commands that begin with an $identifier or %variable.
  • Added $submenu($id($1)) identifier, can only be used in popup menu definitions. It calls $id($1) with $1 = 1, increasing $1 with each call, and adding whatever is return by $id() to the popup menu. The returned value must be a one line definition format for a popup menu. The iteration ends when $id() returns no value.

    test {
      if ($1 == begin) return -
      if ($1 == 1) return Moo:echo Moo
      if ($1 == 2) return Cow:echo Cow
      if ($1 == end) return -

    The egin and end values are sent to check if the item should be enclosed in separators.

  • Added Group by Network option to Window menu.
  • Added Save Links option to Links window popup window.
  • /server address now looks for a match for address in servers list and uses that info for the network, group, etc.
  • $islower()/$isupper() now ignore numbers.
  • Comments in popup menus are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed /showmirc -t and window restore via tray bug.
  • $read() should now correctly handle matchtext with quotes, also fixed a bug in $read() handling of -s switch.
  • Extended socket commands to allow binding to an ip address:
      /socklisten -d [ipaddress] etc.
      /sockopen -d [ipaddress] etc.
      /sockudp -d [ipaddress] etc.

      Also added $sock().bindip and .bindport properties, and /socklist now shows the bind address and ip.

  • Can now use /halt in the on KEYDOWN event to prevent mIRC from applying it\'s own TAB key completion.
  • Added Queue own messages option to flood dialog, applies only to your PRIVMSG and NOTICE messages.

    Also added Show status updates, displays flood queue status 1) when there is a new item in the queue, 2) every 10 seconds, if the queue status changed, and 3) when the queue becomes empty.

  • Added [type] parameter to /protect command.
  • Added kludge to handle multiple meanings for numeric 477 on DALnet servers.
  • mIRC now processes only the first 700 bytes of an incoming server message, and ignores the remainder up to the next LF character.
  • Editor dialog now also displays horizontal cursor position.
  • Fixed find text dialog not saving trailing spaces in search words.
  • Fixed /drawtext width measurement bug.
  • Fixed bitmap file loading bug.
  • Imroved $wrap(), no longer needs to re-calculate if you use the same parameters as the previous call.
  • Added support for DALnet services numerics 650 and 651.
  • Improved file/dir existence checking routines.
  • mIRC now prevents a chat/query window from being closed if it receives a message just as you click the close button. You need to click the close button twice within a few seconds of the last message to close the window.
  • Fixed $sfile() $sdir() not handling incomplete paths properly.
  • Fixed /splay -c bug.
  • Fixed /window not handling LFNs for icon filename.
  • Changed $sfile() behaviour, it will now only list files of the type you\'ve specified, if it finds a match for that file type in the file types listbox in the file dialog.
  • Added Multi-Server support. mIRC now allows you to connect to multiple servers at the same time.

    This feature required major internal changes to mIRC code and forced improvement of code in many areas which has hopefully resulted in a more stable/robust mIRC.

    Added New server window checkbox to connect dialog. To open a new server window without connecting to a server, you can check the New Server Window checkbox and press the OK button.

    Added New Server Window menu item to options toolbar button servers popup menu. You can also open a new server window by holding down the Shift key when you select a server from the popup menu.

    Added multi-server dialog to connect/options dialog.

    New commands and identifiers:
      $cid - returns server connection id for current script
      $wid - returns window id for current script

      $status - returns server connection status. Also returns closing during the on disconnect event if the status window being closed is the cause of the disconnection.

      $activecid, and $lactivecid.

      $scid(N)[.command], where N is a $cid value
      $scon(N)[.command], where N is the Nth connection

      If N = 0, returns total number of open status windows.

      You can also specify a property which is a command name and it will be called using that server connection.

      /scid [command], where N is a $cid value
      /scon [command], where N is the Nth connection

      If you specify a command, the connection id is set only for that command. The -r switch resets the connection id to the original id for that script.

      The -a and -tM switches can only be used if you specify a command.
        -a - perform the command on all connection ids.

        -tM - where M is an or\'d value of 1 = server connected, 2 = not connected, 4 = connecting, 8 = not connecting. The command is only performed if N matches the connect status of the connection id.

      Note: if you use a command that contains $identifiers, and you want the identifiers to be evaluated in the target connection, you must pass them as $!identifier to prevent them from being evaulated first in the current connection.

    Also added new properties to $window():

    .type - returns window type name

    And to $query(), $window(), $chat(), $send(), $get(), $chan(), and $timer():

    .cid - server connection id
    .wid - window id
    .hwnd - window handle

    Added /server -mn switches, where -m creates a new server window and connects, -n creates new server window without connecting.

    Misc. notes:

    Windows whose server connection has been closed are placed at the end of the switchbar list. This includes things like dcc send/get/chat, and custom windows.

    Everything in mIRC now has a unique id number, all windows, server connections, dcc sends/get/chats, etc.

    The tray icon displays the animation for the current active server connection, same goes for the Connect toolbar button, and File menu.

    Each server connection has it\'s own /play list, and the play dialog shows the play list for the current active connection.

    URLs list Send To menu, and Tray popup menu, show the network and nickname for each status window.
  • Added /timer -i switch, makes a timer auto-associate with the currently active server connection.

    The -i switch keeps the /timer alive across server windows, if a server window is closed, the /timer just picks a new one automatically.

    /timer now shows the associated network name for a timer.

    You can use $timer().anysc to check if it has the -i switch enabled.

  • on PLAYEND is now triggered at the end of each played file.
  • Extended /ignore, /protect, etc. handling.

    Changed display format in Control dialog listbox.

    /ignore, /protect, /aop, and /avoice now all by default include a network name, unless you use the -w switch.

    /ignore -l now displays the unignore time.

    /ignore -l, when you\'re not connected to a server, lists all ignores. When connected, it lists all ignores that apply to that connection.

    Added .network property to $ignore()/$protect/$aop()/$avoice().

    Also note that isaop, isavoice, isignore, and isprotect all apply to the current connection.

  • Added /window switches:

    When a @window is created, it is automatically associated with the current connection. If that connection is closed, the @window is associated with the next available connection.

    You can change this behaviour with /window -ivz:
      -i - makes a @window dynamically associate with the currently active connection. You can use $window().anysc to check if this setting is active.

      -v - closes window when associated status window is closed The on close event is triggered for the window.

      If this switch isn\'t used and the status window is closed, the @window is moved to the end of the switchbar, and is associated with the first available status window.

      -z - places window button at end of switchbar

  • The . prefix now makes /debug quiet. Extended /debug to allow output to a custom @window or filename.
      /debug [-cnpt] [N] [on | off | @window | filename]

      /debug -c off closes associated @window
      /debug -n @moo opens @window minimized
      /debug -pt wrap or timestamp text
      /debug N @moo use color N for text

      $debug returns name of debug file or @window.

      /debug now works independently for each server connection, indents lines if not wrapped, and prefixes each line with the server address, and .

      /debug @window now also works with listbox @windows.

  • Active switchbar button now uses bold text and shaded background.
  • Using new path-splitting routines which affect eg. $nopath().
  • Auto-tile/cascade/arrange are no longer triggered when you close a desktop window.
  • Fixed switchbar/toolbar display glitch when mIRC window is sized to a very small height.
  • Fixed $findfile() bug when handling wildcards with numbers.
  • $chan is now filled for the on ctcpreply event if it was a channel ctcp message.
  • Ctcp messages that use an invalid format are now treated as plain text, and will trigger script events.
  • Added Control+Tab uses switchbar order to General dialog.
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