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mIRC 3.7

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  • 1.An *iconified* channel list window is not restored if a /list is done, instead it\'s icon is placed above current windows (without focus) for easy access.
  • The Join Channel dialog can now handle multiple selections.
  • The /timer can now work with aliases again.
  • Can now prevent an identifier from being evaluated the first time through the alias routine by prefixing it with a ! for example: $!read, $!url, $!me, etc. This allows you to use it in a /timer command if you want the identifier to be re-evaluated every time.
  • Fixed /channel dialog bug and improved memory allocation for the ban list.
  • Fixed bug in status window sizing.
  • Fixed Timer dialog bug, when selecting cancel timer wasn\'t being reset correctly.
  • Improved grouping of switches in options dialog.
  • Fixed disconnected bug while trying to connect to another server if already connected to one.
  • Cleaned up popup menu routines.
  • Major improvement in robustness of input, general irc, and remote routines.
  • Wrote my own read and write INI routines for parts of the mirc.ini file since the standard INI routines were too slow. Loading and saving is almost instant now.
  • Fixed windows not being saved/closed properly on exit.
  • /play now works when used in remote commands.
  • Added /echo command which prints text in the specified window (for debugging purposes).
  • Now using 0x04L in dialog definitions so that 3D dialogs under win95 are automatic.
  • Can now do /server N where N is the Nth server in the server list.
  • Fixed font selections not being saved correctly.
  • Added URL catcher window which automatically catches URLs from text in channels etc. and stores them in a listbox. You can then send a URL to your WWW browser directly through mIRC. Type /url [-d] to open the window. Use -d to clear all ? marked items before showing the list.
  • If a nick in the notify list is prefixed with a + sign a /whois is done on it on a notify.
  • Added sounds dialog and a new /sound command which allows multiple users on a channel to hear sounds at the same time (assuming they have the same wave files).
    format: /sound [nick/channel]
  • Fixed problem with % in channel names (and other things).
  • Fixed channel dialog Key already set bug.
  • Added $url identifier which references the currently active URL in your WWW browser.
  • Added option in extras dialog to redefine command char.
  • Now automatically sets cursor to last edited window in remote and popup dialogs.
  • Now uses a different format for commands/events:
    Old format: 1:PING:/notice *1:$nick hi there
    New format: 1:PING:/notice $nick hi there
    This greatly simplifies processing, the routines
    are now probably more than twice as fast as before.
    mIRC will automatically detect and convert old format
    definitions on startup (and when /add is used).
  • mIRC now maintains an internal list of nick!user@address for all users that are on the same *channels* as you. Whenever a /guser, /ruser, or /ban is issued, the internal list is searched first to find the nick\'s address. If no match is found, the normal /whois stuff is done.
  • Now opens log files in shared mode.
  • The nickname in the DCC Send dialog now defaults to the last nick to which a file was sent.
  • Added $snicks which returns a list of the selected nicks in the current channel listbox. The list is in the form: nick1,...,nickN, so you can only use it in commands which take multiple nicks.
  • Greatly improved/simplified address matching routine.
  • Can now do /ignore [type] which looks up the specified nick\'s address by doing a /whois, same as the /auser, /ban, etc. commands.
  • DCC Get dialog now allows you to specify a different directory for the incoming file.
  • In the setup dialog, a server is highlighted after it is added to the server list.
  • The nickname in the DCC Chat dialog now defaults to the last nick that was chatted to.
  • Aliases can now be called from popup, remote, timer, play, and any other definitions. You can now also call several aliases on one line seperated by a | like normal commands. eg. 1:HELP:/help1 $nick | /help2 $nick (Aliases still can\'t call other aliases).
  • Can now have up to 30 timers, also improved memory allocation for timers.
  • Fixed bugs with the /add function.
  • Fixed Clipboard missing last character bug (?)
  • Default directories for the file/dir dialog weren\'t being set correctly.
  • The /notify command was checking twice instead of only once for nicks.
  • The /timer command now also remembers the parameter line that was around when the /timer was issued.
  • The 32bit mIRC should now handle LFNs okay.
  • Can now do level comparison for ON KICK, ON OP, and ON DEOP, prefix a line with ,=,,= compares levels of eg. kicker and kicked and only executes definition if true.
  • Attempted improvement and cleaning up of server oriented commands and their replies.
  • signon time in a /whois on the undernet and dalnet is now shown correctly.
  • Can now specify a server on the command line eg. -sirc.server.addr:6667 and mirc will connect to that server on startup. (You can combine this with the -j parameter to force it to join specific channels too).

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