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mIRC 7.37 (Beta)

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mIRC 7.37 (Beta)  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed /window -dC bug not centering @window on the same the monitor as the main mIRC window.
  • Fixed Window Order dialog not allowing entry of long channel names.
  • Fixed $sockerr being incorrectly set in some socket events.
  • Fixed font display bug that caused mIRC to use a blank font if the font name was empty in the [fonts] section in mirc.ini.
  • Fixed channels list display bug when list reply includes channel modes. The modes are no longer displayed in the channels list.
  • Updated compiler options to improve buffer overrun defenses and enabled heap metadata protection on Vista onwards.
  • Added check for numeric 447 issued by some servers when a /list request is sent.
  • Added Windows entering sleep/hibernation detection at which point mIRC will immediately save unwritten INI settings as a precaution.
  • Added STARTTLS support using the CAP tls protocol.
  • To initiate a secure connection to a STARTTLS capable server, you can use the /server -t switch or prefix the port number with a star sign, eg. *6667.
  • On connecting to a server, mIRC now sends CAP LS and waits for a reply from the server before logging on. This allows mIRC to determine if STARTTLS is supported and to initiate STARTTLS before logon credentials are sent.
  • If a server replies with a CAP reply, mIRC processes the CAP reply, initiates STARTTLS if supported, and then logs on. If STARTTLS is not supported, mIRC cancels the connection.
  • If a server replies with numeric 451 (not registered), indicating it does not recognize CAP, mIRC cancels the connection.
  • If a server does not reply at all, after a few seconds of waiting, mIRC sends a PING. If a server replies with a PONG or numeric 451, indicating it does not support CAP, mIRC cancels the connection.
  • Added /sockopen -t switch that initiates an SSL negotiation on a non-SSL connection, eg. as with STARTTLS, and a $sock().starttls identifier.
  • Fixed /sockread unsetting local variable instead of setting it to an empty value in some contexts.
  • Fixed /whois results being incorrectly displayed in @debug window if it happened to be active in some contexts.
  • Fixed SSL port cycling bug.
  • Added /sockwrite -a switch that prevents characters in the range 0-255 from being UTF-8 encoded, as long as the line only contains characters in the range 0-255.
  • Fixed /server -nm not setting channels list filename correctly when server window is created.
  • Changed channels list "hide non-text channels" option to allow display of double-prefix channels.
  • Changed status window titlebar to include port number when not connected so you can see if the next connection attempt will be secure or not.
  • Fixed recent server connections not being saved to servers.ini file if the "move to top on connect" option was disabled.
  • Changed servers history menu to correctly show the history of servers you have connected to as opposed to servers at the top of the servers list. If you select "clear history", it now clears the history as expected.
  • Added ircs:// support to URL catcher.
  • Changed log view window, opened by logging dialog, so that it is positioned at the end of the switchbar/treebar window list.
  • Fixed switchbar/treebar display bug that caused windows to be displayed in the wrong order in some situations.
  • Changed $sound() to use the TagLib library for improved reading of MP3 and other media file formats.
  • Added Shift-F3 key support in Scripts Editor to search backwards through text.
  • Fixed timezone bug that caused timezones with non-whole hour offsets to be handled incorrectly.
  • Updated manifest files to indicate Windows 8/8.1 compatibility.
  • Extended $os identifier to detect 8.1.
  • Fixed dialogs display bug that caused dialogs opened via MDI window system menu to be offset incorrectly.
  • Fixed $did bug that caused $did to be reset inside an event in some situations.
  • Changed SSL accepted cipher list to ALL:!ADH:!aNULL:!eNULL:!EXP:!3DES:!RC4:!MD5:!PSK:!SRP:!DSS:!SSLv2:!LOW.
  • Added "ciphers" item to [ssl] section in mirc.ini that allows you to specify list of accepted ciphers.
  • Updated libraries to PCRE v8.36 and OpenSSL 1.0.1j.
  • Changed connection error messages to include actual SSL error messages provided by OpenSSL.
  • Changed $input() to allow entering of longer text and limiting text entry to maximum length.
  • Fixed text display spacing bug with zero width characters.
  • Fixed timezone/daylight savings bug that was affecting timestamping and time/date identifiers.

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