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mIRC 4.1

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mIRC 4.1  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed /sound being limited to eight character channel/nick names.
  • Fixed mirc.ini file being corrupted in certain situation.
  • Fixed servers sorting bug in setup dialog.
  • Added /links window which displays a list of all servers in the network and allows easy connecting, etc.
  • Fixed character | bug in nicknames/userids.
  • Fixed small ON CHAT bug.
  • Fixed DCC Get minimize button not remembering setting.
  • Fixed $ bug.
  • Fixed icon highlighting bug.
  • Fixed bug that was intermittently affecting various commands.
  • Fixed /ctcp with dcc in nickname bug.
  • reFixed Beep.
  • Fixed not replying to server PING bug.
  • Fixed /unset command not working in an alias.
  • Now saves window buffer to .log instead of a .txt file.
  • Added Log file listbox and View/Delete log to Logging options dialog.
  • Now displays in the status bar the *actual* address of the server you connect to.
  • Improved context sensitive F1 help key to work with more dialogs.
  • Fixed small identd and finger bug.
  • Added Fileserver warning dialog to warn new users.
  • Added $hfile identifier which is like the $file dialog except it lists files horizontally.
  • Fixed fileserver ead command bug.
  • Added option to display identd requests.
  • Improved mark/copy text routine a bit.
  • Remodelled about dialog.
  • Fixed socks firewall access.
  • Added $++ identifier which works the same as the $+ identifier but does the concatenation after the previous item has been evaluated, so something like this works now:
    /say $+ $read c:\\test.txt $++ \r
  • Auto-join on invite now ignores invites to channel 0. (/join 0 makes you part all channels, seems to be an irc server feature).
  • Finger window is restored if it is minimized when you try to do a finger.
  • Changed /list command so you don\'t have to prefix the wildcard text with a #. eg. /list help and /list *help* is turned into /list help
  • Now displays /whois Idle time in hours/minutes/ seconds format instead of just seconds.
  • Clicking on Arrange Icons now places icons behind open windows when arranging them.
  • Now shows both server name and Port number when connecting.
  • Status window default height is now larger.
  • Now handles erroneous nickname better.
  • If no directory is specified in the wave filename for the /wavplay command, it now defaults to the wave directory specified in the Sound Requests options dialog.
  • Other things.

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