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mIRC 4.7

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mIRC 4.7  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed time bug (?)
  • ISON now displays a message if user doesn\'t exist.
  • Fixed small DDE problem.
  • Fixed mIRC defaulting to port 6667 when reconnecting to a server.
  • DCC Send/Get window titlebar now immediately displays 0% at start of transfer, and only displays 100% when transfer is completely finished (was rounding up to 100% before).
  • Fixed small bug in fserve dcc send.
  • Fixed /beep command.
  • Bytes/Size display in alias/popup/remote windows are now updated only a few times a second to decrease flicker.
  • Finished reorganizing identifiers-related code.
  • Fixed $away updating after you disconnect and reconnect.
  • Fixed Text Assist bug (?)
  • Can now do /sound [on|off] to enable/disable sound requests.
  • Added $server(N).property identifier to access servers list.
    $server(N) address.
    $server(N).desc description
    $server(N).port port
    $server(N).group group

  • Added $ial(mask,N) identifier to acces IAL.
    $ial(mask,N) full address.
    $ial(mask,N).nick nickname
    $ial(mask,N).user user id
    $ial(mask,N).host host
    $ial(mask,N).addr user@host

    This returns the Nth address matching mask in the IAL. Specify zero for total number of matching addresses. To scan the whole of the IAL you can use $ial(*,N). If N is zero, the total number of matching entries is returned.
  • [removed]
  • Added /identd [on|off] [userid] command.
  • Fixed bug in /ignore address matching.
  • Can now use [type] parameter with /auto to look up users address (like ignore).
  • Channels, Notify, and Url list listboxes now have a horizontal scroll bar added to them.
  • Added $url(N).property identifier to access urls list.
    $url(N) address
    $url(N).desc description
    $url(N).group group
  • When using /sound and /wavplay, the Waves directory and ALL of its subdirectories are searched for the specifed wave filename. This allows users to organize their sounds into subdirectories without having to worry about directory paths.
  • Added 1:ON DNS:/echo $nick $iaddress $naddress $raddress event. If /dns was used then $nick refers to otherwise it refers to your own nickname. $iaddress refers to the ip address, and $naddress refers to the named address. $raddress is the resolved address. If $raddress is $null then that means that the address could not be resolved.
  • Fixed @ (must be channel Op) prefix for remote definitions preventing a definition from being performed if the event is not a channel event. eg. @1:ON TEXT:*:*:/etc. which reacts to private messages as well as channel messages.
  • Added $idle identifier which returns same idle time as that returned by ctcp USERINFO or FINGER.
  • Added $numeric identifier which refers to the number of the raw event that matched a remote definition.
  • [removed]
  • Ctcp ping reply now displays ping time in hr/min/sec format.
  • Fixed memory bug in Tab display routine, also improved display of tabs slightly.
  • Added 1:ON ERROR:*text*:/echo $parms event.
  • Added Extensiondirectory association in DCC Options dialog.
  • Fixed empty line in editboxes in options dialog causing following lines to be lost.
  • DCC Get dialog now displays listbox of directories from the extension associations for quick directory selection for miscellaneous file types.
  • Servers.ini file is reloaded each time the Setup window is opened to make sure that any changes made to it externally are available. eg. if someone downloads a servers.ini file.
  • Now allows you to configure a separate Popup menu for use in a channel window. If no channel popup menu is defined it defaults to using the status window popup menu in a channel.
  • When marking text for copying, the marked block is not cleared if new text is printed in the window, instead the scrollbar is updated to indicate there is new text below. If you were at the bottom of the buffer when you started copying, mIRC will automatically scroll down to the bottom of the buffer after you finish copying.
  • I added an /echo -a switch which echos to the active window. If the active window is not a status, channel, or query/chat window, it defaults to the status window.
  • For remote events that have no associated $chan value, $chan refers to a channel that both you and the user that triggered the event are on, on which you are an Op.
  • Fixed small bug with /set.
  • Can now do /log [on|off] [windowname].
  • If a user hasn\'t entered a UserID for the Identd server or if their current userid contains invalid characters, mIRC asks them for a new userid.
    Permitted characters:

    . (0x2E)
    0-9 (0x30-0x39)
    A-Z (0x41-0x5A)
    _ (0x5F)
    a-z (0x61-0x7A)

  • Added $wildsite remote identifier which returns the address of the user who triggered the event in the form *!*@host.domain, added mainly to speed things up since *!* $+ $site is used a lot.
  • Added /perform [on|off] command to turn on/off perform section.
  • Speeded up text display routine slightly.
  • Added $ticks identifier which returns the number of ticks since your O/S was first started.
  • Ignoring CTCPs doesn\'t ignore actions anymore.
  • Added double-click alias option for Notify window.
  • Now using a new indexing method to speed up alias, popup, and remote script processing.
  • Using an /if as the first command in a $read line now works.
  • In channel windows, Shift-TAB now switches the focus between the editbox and the nicknames listbox.
  • Control-Shift-Tab now cycles through channel windows.
  • Server notices are now displayed in purple.
  • Added Timestamp switch to window system menus.
  • mIRC now ignores dcc sends/chats to port 19.
  • Fixed window focus problem when mdi/non-mdi windows open (?)
  • Can raise a number to the power of another using ^ operator.
    eg. set %x 2 ^ 8
  • End of /who list now displays who you were doing a /who on.
  • Now handles DALnets 310 numeric.
  • Added skip MOTD on connect switch.
  • Modified Event Beeps interface a bit.
  • Speeded up variable lookup routine and [] processing.
  • Rewrote text mark/copy routine.
  • /timestamp [-a|e|s] [on|off] [window] is now used for turning on/off timestamping in windows. If only on/off is specified with no window, the global timestamp switched is turned on/off.
    -s = for status window
    -a = for active window
    -e = for every window
  • For ctcp commands, $chan is now filled with a channel name if you received the ctcp via a channel.
  • /flood now ignores *!*@site.
  • $active identifier now returns window names more intelligently.
  • /return can now return both numbers and text.
  • For servers that specify who placed a ban in the ban list, mIRC now displays this info in the /channel dialog ban list.
  • $server now returns $null if you are not currently connected to a server.
  • Added $fserv(N), improved $chat(N), $get(N), $send(N).

    $chat(N) nickname
    $chat(N).ip ip address
    $chat(N).status active, waiting, inactive

    $fserv(N) nickname
    $fserv(N).ip ip address
    $fserv(N).status active, waiting, inactive
    $fserv(N).cd current directory

    $get(N) nickname
    $get(N).ip ip address
    $get(N).status active, waiting, inactive
    $get(N).file filename
    $get(N).size filesize
    $get(N).rcvd bytes rcvd
    $get(N).cps chars per second
    $get(N).pc percent complete

    $send(N) nickname
    $send(N).ip ip address
    $send(N).status active, waiting, inactive
    $send(N).file filename
    $send(N).size filesize
    $send(N).sent bytes sent
    $send(N).lra last rcvd ack
    $send(N).cps chars per second
    $send(N).pc percent complete

  • Can now create your own identifiers, eg. in the aliases section create an alias:

    add { %x = $1 + $2 | return %x }

    And then use it in a command //echo Total is: $add(4,21) Can define as many parameters as you want: $add(1,2,...,N). Built-in identifiers of the same name have priority.
  • Added default port setting to setup/options dialog.
  • Can now use /timer [-o] etc. to start an offline timer. Offline timers are not stopped if you are disconnected from the server, however all other timers are. If you are not connected to a server and you try to start a timer, it defaults to being an offline timer.
  • Chat and Query MDI switches are now separate.
  • Alias, Popup, and Remote editboxes now remember their cursor line positions and jump to them automatically for each window.
  • Added Desktop switch to a window\'s system menu to toggle mdi/desktop display of the window.
  • Can now specify a window name with /clear [window].
  • If an address that is in the auto-unban list of the /ban command is unbanned manually, it is removed from the unban list.
  • PONGs from users are now ignored.
  • Using new method to lookup Local Host and IP Address. mIRC now connects directly to server and issues a /userhost nickname to lookup users address and then does a /dns to resolve the IP address. This means that a user isn\'t prevented from connecting to a server if there are any local host lookup problems and it also means mIRC will be using a named address that has been verified by the IRC server so there should be no problem looking up the IP address. The DCC Send/Chat toolbar buttons are enabled the moment the lookup is completed successfully.
  • Now uses /userhost instead of /whois to look up addresses from the server.
  • The /run command now uses a different method to run files, it allows you to run files based on association as well.
    eg: /run notepad.exe readme.txt or /run readme.txt
    It also uses this new method to view .txt files in the help menu as well as in other parts of mIRC.
  • Can now do /who
    and only users on the specified channel are displayed.
  • Fixed bug with variable not being evaluated if preceeded by the text set in a line.
  • Now also using new faster indexing method for IAL.
  • Fixed empty [ ] brackets gpfing.
  • Servers are no longer stored in memory but are looked up when needed from the servers.ini file.
  • DCC Send/Get completion info printed in status window now also includes time taken and cps.
  • Fixed error sending data message at end of dcc send.
  • Variables can handle spaces a bit better now eg. single spaces, preceeding spaces, etc.
  • Fixed fake PONG messages being displayed.
  • Added support for bold/underline/reverse characters. Can use Ctrl-B,U,R to insert these characters into an editbox. If you first mark text in the editbox, it will be enclosed in starting and ending control characters, otherwise one code will be inserted. If you hold down the shift-key, two codes are inserted and the cursor positioned between them. You can also use Control-O to insert a reset character which turns off all the above settings.
  • Added support for colour characters, use Control-K to insert a colour control char (0x03) into text in an editbox.
    eg. if * is the control char then:

    * Selects Default Text and Background
    *1 Selects Colour 1 for Text, Default Background
    *1,5 Selects Colour 1 for Text, Colour 5 for Background

    Colours currently range from 0 to 15.
  • Added flood protect options tab to options dialog.
  • For an ON QUIT event, a users name is now removed from all channel listboxes *after* this remote event has been processed, not before it.
  • Added $strip(text) identifier which strips out all bold, underline, reverse, and colour control codes from text.
  • File dialog defaults to showing ini, txt, or wav files depending on file being selected.
  • Fixed multiple IRCop-greeting bug thingy.
  • Fixed notify update bug.
  • Fixed ON TEXT $chan being filled with users nickname when trigger is a private message.
  • Added a switchbar to allow easy switching between windows.
    If you click on a button with the left mouse button and the window is minimized, it is restored, if it is already restored, it is minimized. If you click with the right mouse button, the windows system menu pops up. You can turn the switchbar on/off in Options/Extras dialog.
  • /ban won\'t allow you to initiate a ban if you don\'t have Ops.
  • /amsg and /ame now don\'t send an individual message for each channel etc.
  • Page up/down now works in channel listbox.
  • Channels dialog, Limited to option allows more digits.
  • ctcp ECHO is no longer replied to.
  • ctcp PING no longer replies to non-numeric values and numeric values longer than 25 characters.
  • Added $usermode identifier.
  • Channel topics are now stripped of control characters.
  • ON MODE event has changed format to:

    1:ON MODE:#channel:/commands...

    And it no longer enforces modes. $parms is now filled with the mode change that was made.
  • Under a 256 colour display the orange colour appears light brown instead of orange, all other colours should look exactly the same under different colour displays.
  • Fixed ON BAN double-wildcard-string-matching. Was giving false matches in certain situations eg. * at end of a string.
  • Changed ordering of masks to:

    Type 0: *!user@host.domain
    Type 1: *!*user@host.domain
    Type 2: *!*@host.domain
    Type 3: *!*user@*.domain
    Type 4: *!*@*.domain
    Type 5: Nick!user@host.domain
    Type 6: Nick!*user@host.domain
    Type 7: Nick!*@host.domain
    Type 8: Nick!*user@*.domain
    Type 9: Nick!*@*.domain

    The mask types for all routines and identifiers are now identical. /guser /dns etc. commands all default to type 6 which is the same mask as before.
  • When mIRC is in the process of doing a channel listing and it receives a server load to high numeric 263, it now resets the channels list button and other related parameters.
  • Ignores DCCs to a channel.
  • /userhost with no reply is now displayed.
  • Added on top option for switchbar.
  • Added $duration(seconds) identifier.
  • Added $nofile(filename) which removes the filename and only returns any remaining path.
  • Added $findfile(dir,filename) which searches the specified directory and its subdirectories for the specified file and returns the full path and filename if it is found.
  • Added /ial [on|off] command.
  • Added token handling identifiers:

    $addtok(text,token,C) - adds a token to the end of text butonly if it\'s not already in text.
    $findtok(text,token,C) - returns Nth position of token in text
    $gettok(text,N,C) - returns Nth token in text
    $instok(text,token,N,C) - inserts token into Nth position in text even if it already exists in text.
    $remtok(text,token,C) - removes 1 matching token from text
    $reptok(text,token,new,C) - replaces 1 matching token with new token in text

    $gettok() replaces $token(), however $token() is still supported for this version.
  • /ulist now searches the whole of the users level list for a matching level.
  • A user level can now be a word, for example:

    op:ON JOIN:#:/mode $chan +o $nick

    Named levels are = levels ie. they work exactly the same way that = levels work.
  • Added strip options to options dialog. These strip out control characters from incoming notices and messages.
  • Fixed memory/socket reading bug.
  • Pressing Enter in the parameters dialog without entering any text now returns $null.
  • Kick, Part, Quit messages have Control-O appended to them.
  • Improved channel MODE change handling, mIRC updates the mode settings itself so there\'s no longer a delay.
  • ON MODE reacts to initial mode lookup when mIRC first joins a channel.
  • Rewrote /auser & /guser routine. Code is cleaner, same speed, works better eg. doesnt allow redundant levels, and fixes bugs in the old routines.
  • Added wildcard halting of timers. eg. /timer?* off
  • Fixed messages to #host.mask.
  • Install program now only creates one backup directory and overwrites any files in it if they already exist.
  • Channels folder now also allows you to enter descriptions for channels.
  • Added $chan(N/#).property identifer:

    $chan(N/#) channel name
    $chan(N/#).topic topic
    $chan(N/#).mode mode
    $chan(N/#).key +k key
    $chan(N/#).limit +l limit

    $mode() and $topic() are no longer supported. However $channel() is still supported for this version.
  • Support for the :> redirection in remote definitions has been removed.
  • Added /strip [+-burc] command.
  • /wavplay command has been replaced with /splay command, which can play both .wav and .mid sound files. Can also use /splay stop to stop a .mid file playing. /wavplay is still supported for now.
  • The /sound command and related options (ON NOSOUND, etc.) can now work with .mid files as well as .wav files.
  • Improved/simplified code in the install program.

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