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mIRC 3.8

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mIRC 3.8  غير المفتاح

  • Added option to show invites in active window.
  • Fixed $! bug.
  • Added option to auto-resume existing files.
  • Fixed /echo with invalid parameters gpfing.
  • Option dialog now remembers it\'s view across sessions.
  • Paused op wasn\'t clearing a nick from it\'s list immediately if a nick parted or quit, but had to timeout first.
  • Added /speak command which uses monolog to speak the specified text.
  • Added /dns which resolves addresses. If mIRC sees a . in the name you specify it assumes it\'s an address and tries to resolve it. Otherwise it assumes it\'s a nickname and does a /whois to find the users address and then looks it up. If you give it an IP address, it looks up the host name.
  • Removed small users window in remote dialog, now using one big window for users, commands, and events.
  • The Add Dialog has been discontinued. Check out the alias, popup, and remote dialogs for the improvement.
  • Finally fixed DCC Send/Get windows sometimes not auto-closing at end of transfer (?)
  • Right-clicking in a non-active window will now bring it to the top and make it active.
  • Fixed socket error message when running second copy of mIRC (didn\'t actually affect anything).
  • For new users, mIRC no longer copies the mirc.ini to the windows directory but leaves it and uses it in the same directory as the EXE. However, if it finds an mirc.ini in the windows directory it will use it (to remain compatible with older users).
  • Small fixes relating to Function keys.
  • Can now use /load -apuce or /save -apuce to load and save aliases, popups, and remote sections from the command line. NOTE: You can only refer to one section at a time, so you can\'t do /load -ap some.ini.
  • All memory in the parsing and remote routines is now allocated dynamically.
  • Added ignore options to dcc send/chat in the dcc options dialog. Can also use /sreq and /creq (send request and chat request) with the parameters [ ask | auto | ignore] from the command line.
  • Added ON CHAT:text:/msg ... and ON SERV events to scan text in dcc chat windows and fileserver windows.
  • Added command line option to connect to a server and join channels which is more of a standard WWW link definition: //server:port/#channel,#channel
  • Fixed GPF problem for some users when quitting mIRC (?)
  • Added /flush [levels] command. This clears the remote user list of nicknames that are no longer valid. For each nick in the user list that matches the specified levels mIRC checks to see if that nick is on any of the channels that you are currently on. If not, the nick definition is removed from the user list. If you do not specify [levels] then mIRC clears all nicks from the user list that don\'t exist on channels you are on.
  • Added me prefix to remote definitions, eg.:
    me:1:ON JOIN:/msg etc...
    This limits a command definition to reacting only to events caused by your client. This is useful in case you use Bots which have the same address as you.
  • The address in the Finger dialog now defaults to the last address which was fingered.
  • The /play command has been improved in a major way, it can now queue requests (see the help file!)
  • Fixed bug with highlighting in query windows.
  • Added Finger server (must be set up in a certain way, see the help file on how to do this).
  • Added ON SNOTICE event, which listens for server notices and can filter them ie. prevent them from being displayed.
  • Remodelled the setup dialog. Can now also store an unlimited number of servers.
  • If /finger sees a . in the parameter you give it, it will assume it\'s an address and will finger it, otherwise it will assume it\'s a nickname and will do a /whois on the nick to find their address and use that for the finger.
  • Added option to change tooltip delay.
  • Split the Beep on window message option into two... Beep on channel message and Beep on query message.
  • Fixed the notify bug which would result in mIRC telling you all the people on your notify list are on... then off... then on... then off...
  • Simplified /timer code and fixed a small bug in it.
  • Command line window buffer has increased to 30 lines.
  • Now catches server numeric 328 for URL description when joining a channel on DALnet (they might not have implemented this yet).
  • Fixed toolbar buttons colours when the default system colours are changed.
  • The 32bit mIRC can now dcc send/get LFN\'s with spaces in them. Unfortunately, other clients won\'t be able to receive these properly! See the DCC Send section in the help file which explains the problem.
    You can also do: /dcc send nickname his is a.text file\r
  • Added -nnick1,nick2 command line option which sets your nicks to these values.Overhaul of irc and parsing routines, simplified and speeded up.
  • Added [on | off | close] to /url command to turn on/off catching urls and to close the URL window.
  • Added option Show modes in channel.
  • Now gives the reason why you can\'t join a channel.
  • If you have ejoin channel when kicked turned on and you are kicked, mIRC will keep the channel window open while it tries to rejoin and will only close it if it can\'t.
  • If a /play filename doesn\'t have a directory spec. it defaults to the mirc.exe directory.
  • Added a flexibile /write command which writes lines to a file.
  • Added Show queries in active channel window which shows private messages from other users in a channel window without opening a query window.
  • Added TAB key putting /msg nickname into the editbox where ickname is the nick of the last person who messaged you. If you press TAB repeatedly it cycles through the nicks of the last five people who messaged you.
  • Now shows who set the topic and at what time when you join a channel on Undernet and DALnet.
  • Fixed small bug with the /sound command not checking properly if a sound file exists.
  • The Options dialog now uses Tabs. I had trouble using existing TabDialog DLL\'s, so I coded my own Tab display routines.
  • Fixed /channel dialog bug which would occur if you typed /channel repeatedly while it was in the middle of retrieving the channel info.
  • Fixed a problem with /whois replies, the format of the reply has changed and is hopefully clearer now.
  • Can now also define Shift and Control Function key definitions.

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