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mIRC 3.64

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mIRC 3.64  غير المفتاح

  • Fixed Local Host and IP address bug, added options in the setup dialog. Now works for any combination of requirements for people with different types of internet connections (see Setup in mirc.hlp!)
  • $read command improved so you can specify a line number with [-l#]. For example:
    /silly /say $read -l5 silly.txt
    This will read line 5 of silly.txt.
  • Now using Common Dialogs for file/directory selection, as well as for the DCC Send dialog (Long filenames are NOT yet supported).
  • Optimized Remote routines - should be faster now.
  • Can now use $read in remote definitions. For example:
    1:TEST:/notice *1:$nick I said $+ $read c:\\langs\\mirc\\test.txt $+
  • Can now store up to 50 IRC server addresses in Setup dialog. Storage format in mirc.ini has changed, but will still read the old format.
  • Finger button now pops up a red flag while finger is busy. The flag disappears when finger has been completed.
  • Bug with Maximized mIRC window fixed.
  • Finger and Timer dialogs now popup under their respective buttons.
  • Added Channels Folder button which allows you to join a channel as well as maintain a list of your favourite channels.
  • Added List Channels button which pops up the List parameters dialog, allowing you to quickly list channels.
  • Fixed NT GPF bug when using toolbar.
  • Added -j command line option. For example:
    mirc.exe -j#mirc,#friendly,#etc
    The specified channels will be joined on connect. You MUST have an mirc.ini with the Connect on startup option selected.
  • Fixed another bug with using * to begin a non-parameter identifier. eg. *mardam.demon* in aliases/etc.
  • The /auser /guser and /ruser commands can now handle multiple levels. They have only been extended, so they are still compatible with your previous formats.

    /auser [-a] /guser [-a] [type] /ruser [level(s)] [type]
    For /auser /guser, the default is to replace any existing user with the specified levels (as usual). The [-a] option means add the specified level(s) to an existing users levels.
    The /ruser command removes the specified levels from an existing user. If all levels are removed for a user, the user is removed.
    See the Remote section in the Help file!
  • Can now do /mode # +oooo nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4
  • /play can now be used in a remote/event definition.
  • Extended the /rlevel command to also work with multiple levels.
    /rlevel [-r]
    If the [-r] is NOT specified, it works as usual. If the [-r] IS specified, the specified level(s) are removed from users that have them. If a user\'s levels are ALL removed, the user is removed.
  • Fixed bug with Green box being drawn around iconized window in response to wrong messages.
  • Fixed several bugs in /play with using -r and -l. The format has changed slightly to:
    /play [-crl#] [delay]
    This now allows you to specify a delay for -r and -l, You must now specify the line number like this:
    /play -l24 file.txt 1000
  • Text colours are now ok when using > 256 colour setup.

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