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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  غير المفتاح

- Added: Pagination is now supported in FeedDemon's newspapers. The number of items to display per page may be changed on the "Reading" tab in options.
- Added: Ctrl+M shortcut for "Mark page read" and Shift+Ctrl+M shortcut for "Mark all pages as read"
- Added: When summaries (excerpts) are displayed in the Surfer or Blue Vista newspaper styles, a thumbnail is shown next to the post if it contains an image
- Added: "Search Subscriptions" dialog (Tools|Search Subscriptions, or Shift+Ctrl+F)
- Added: Subscription search results are now shown using a different style
- Added: Significant performance boost to searching subscriptions
- Added: Newspapers now highlight keywords in watches and subscription search results (this can be disabled from the Reading page in options)
- Added: "Blue Vista" style has been redesigned to enable quickly toggle between the summary and full content of a post
- Added: Ctrl+A now selects all items in FeedStation's queue
- Added: Enclosures are now shown with "Open" and "Download" links in newspapers
- Added: Smarter detection of clicked feed links
- Added: Options|Appearance now enables changing the newspaper font
- Added: "Sort in reverse" toolbutton (
- Added: "Next unread folder" added to View menu (
- Added: Confirmation before marking all pages read (
- Added: "Configure BlogThis Tools" added to Tools menu (
- Changed: Newspaper filter and style moved from newspapers to browser toolbar
- Changed: The icon at the top left in Surfer style now marks all pages in the newspaper as read (previously marked the entire feed or folder as read)
- Changed: The "Send To" menu now includes "Default Blog Publishing Tool" at the top level instead of buried in a submenu (74101)
- Changed: "Use larger font in newspaper" moved from Reading to Appearance tab in options
- Changed: "Browser position" moved from View menu to Browse menu
- Changed: The display of excerpts (summaries) in the newspaper is now smarter
- Changed: "Mark page read on change" now defaults to being disabled (
- Fixed: Searching from the "Subscriptions Home" page fails with Chinese characters
- Fixed: "Delete Post" missing from Surfer style
- Fixed: Cryptic error message when attempting to switch to an outdated newspaper style
- Fixed: "Invalid fdaction hyperlink" error when clicking cleanup wizard link
- Fixed: When excerpts are displayed, elements run together
- Fixed: Inadequate stripping of style elements from feed content
- Fixed: MRSS thumbnails not supported in Soapbox feeds
- Fixed: Incorrect sizing of MRSS thumbnails when thumbnail height/width not included in feed
- Fixed: Favicon retrieval shouldn't display login dialog when HTTP 401/407 encountered
- Fixed: "Control has no parent window" exception after resizing main window and clicking dropdown
- Fixed: Export dialog doesn't include root folder (74801)
- Fixed: Subscription search skips feeds excluded from watches
- Fixed: Search results disappear when changing view style (
- Fixed: Tray icon not reset after marking newspaper as read (
- Fixed: Clicking filter dropdown above news item list changes filter, even if none selected (75319) (
- Fixed: Keyword highlighting not applied for exact matches (75318) (
- Fixed: News item list doesn't sort RE: replies with their "parent" post when sorting by title (75317) (
- Fixed: Style and filter toolbuttons hidden if toolbar customized in previous version (75315) (
- Fixed: When a feed or folder has a specific style assigned to it, choosing a different style from the style selection has no impact (75313) (
- Fixed: No change in newspaper when an item is selected in the news item list and both "Open External Links in Default Browser" and "Go directly to an item's link" are enabled. (

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