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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  غير المفتاح

* Added: "Ignore new items older than" added to folder properties
* Removed: "Feed History" report has been removed - my impression is that this feature was rarely (if ever) used, so let me know if you relied upon it
* Removed: Sychronization options no longer includes the "retrieve unread items only setting"

* Fixed: J/K newspaper shortcuts scroll too far (149242)
* Fixed: Can't delete "My Clippings" when NewsGator login isn't known
* Fixed: Login dialog displayed when "My Clippings" updated and NewsGator login isn't known
* Fixed: "Unable to clip this post" error when clipping old posts
* Fixed: URLs in address bar dropdown can be wider than address bar itself
* Fixed: Cancelling "Panic Button" still causes "No items marked read" to appear in the status bar

* Fixed: EOleException or EInvalidPointer exception when closing a browser tab (automatic error reporting showed this as the #1 bug)
* Fixed: ESQLite3 exception when feed auto-discovered
* Fixed: EIntOverflow exception caused by converting invalid dates
* Fixed: EListError exception when importing feeds
* Fixed: EStringListError exception with duplicate language resources
* Fixed: EListError exception when accessing favorites offline
* Fixed: EOleSysError exception when emailing post with Microsoft Outlook
* Fixed: EnbFeedXmlParser exception parsing feed that has no node
* Fixed: EWriteError exception saving invalid favicon
* Fixed: EAccessViolation exception after hitting "Panic Button"
* Fixed: EAccessViolation exception after moving feed

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